Sunday, October 31, 2010

Officer Freak 03

He parked up behind FLEX's hog behind the plain brownstone in a quiet suburban street. Aleksey was now hungry to bloody the sidebar hanging from his Sam Browne, itching for a victim.

As he stood behind FLEX's Langlitzed width in front of the intercom, the Duty Desk Sarge, BULLITT, was surprised to see FLEX with another unscheduled Officer, specially one that big. As he buzzed them into the dimly lit Duty Hall, Bullitt at first barely recognised the baby-faced Leathercop under the brutal uniform and leathered bulk as the famous Russian genetic freak he'd jakked over nightly in FLEX magazine.

"Meet our newest recruit - Officer ALeks...- "

"OFFICER FREAK!" Barked the young Russian, who had already got the measure of the 'Block, and his role there.

.BULLITT raised an eyebrow at FLEX, who was smiling in admiration at the famous youth's arrogance..

"Got our newest recruit his decal SARGE?"

"Sure FLEX - obviously he's ready for it"

"I'm ready for some pussy!". Officer "FREAK" retorted. And some rape" he grinned tapping the new PR24 impatiently in his gauntlet.

"We will together. First come into The Officer's Mess, Officer FREAK".

"Yes, Segeant FLEX" smiled FREAK fitting into the Cellblock protocol immediately.

The two leathercops were greeted by Commander CHIEF, who had been contacted ahead by FLEX.

"Welcome to The Cellblock Officer...."

"Freak" replied the young man, saluting his new leader. "I look forward to joining comrades on patrol".

CHIEF took some shining decal from a table. "Here is your Officer Badge and lanyard. Wear them with pride and do The Command proud, big man. Help yourself to the Officer's mess facilities. And SARGE FLEX has some R + R laid on for you. He HAS made you aware of our policies on Officers' sub property".

"No problem Commandant, here is 3 thousand dollar. My muscle already earn plenty".

"Yes, so I hear" Commmander Schulz nodded to FLEX, having seen the article in FLEX magazine and Sarge Flex's repoirts of a long list of worshippers already paying over the odds merely to lick the musclewonder's boots.

"First I need to exercise my fists"

"I thought you might, bruder" said FLEX. "Follow me to Cell No.3. There are some punchbag's for you to abuse."

"I mean....."

"I know exactly what you mean Bro", laughed FLEX patting FREAK on his wide leathered back. "Follow me and see".

Lighting a cigar, the two cop partners' steel-capped Dehners clattered down the stairs. Opening a metal cell door, FLEX signalled with a shining gauntlet.

Officer FREAK walked into the Cell, to see two heavily muscled pain pigs blindfolded and bound to chairs, already erect with anticipation.

FLEX handed FREAK some knuckledusters from his Langlitz gun pocket. "Your new property Bruder. Enjoy yourself. We will watch you on tv..."

As Freak uncipped his cod and slid the knucks over his gauntleted whip-hand, FLEX left the cell, closing the door behind him to the dull sound of metal landing on meat...


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