Monday, September 06, 2010

Bull-ring (septum) piercing

Maybe one in a hundred Leathercops flash metal bull rings with their gear, but that one in a hundred gets some of us hard. On the right man in the right gear, a thick metal ring hanging from a man's nose looks FIERCE and POWERFUL.

A bull-ring (septum) piercing is made through a thin spot in the septum that's basically just 2 layers of skin, not through the harder cartilage above it. (You can feel the spot if you pinch your septum with your thumb and forefinger.) Most men start off with a small gauge piercing and stretch to larger metal over time.



Unknown (but HOT):

Dainty little 14 to 10 gauge rings look fine on teenage Japanese girls, but it's the 6 gauge and larger that mark a BULL LEATHERCOP.

Lthrpipesf 01:

Lthrpipesf 02:

On the flip side, a big ring on a sub or boi says he really is broken in, just as septum piercings are sometimes put on bulls to break them for farm use.

Captive bead rings, curved barbells and tusks can be easily removed, but true rings – opened and closed with special tools – are virtually permanent and become a 24/7 commitment.


Many men substitute retainers ('U'- shaped pieces of metal that can be turned up into the nostrils) for those times when a ring would be unacceptable in public.

A large diameter, big gauge ring is impossible to hide, and deform the nose to accommodate the cruel unforgiving metal.

Some countries measure piercing sizes by gauge, others by mm. The following chart can help you match the unit of measure already familiar to you:



  1. VERY HORNY, I have a 6mm bent barbell, love it, THANKS for the drawing...WOOF

  2. Skintool88 - Great video!

  3. i first saw a Man with a septum piercing in an ad for The Gauntlet, in Drummer Magazine, when i was 16. He was wearing the most beautiful set of tusks. In that instant i knew i needed to have that piercing. 14 years later as i was about to turn 30, i finally got pierced. Now as i'm getting close to turning 47, i still haven't found a set of tusks like i saw in that ad so long ago, but i am wearing a 6g segment ring and getting closer to upgrading the size to a 4g segment ring. The ring is an attachment point for Sir to attach His leash, a place to attach His car keys rather than His pockets, a nearly permanent symbol of my place in the world.