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Transformation of a Master 02

Tom spent the rest of the night in an agony of anticipation – and one which kept him strangely aroused. The man he knew only as "Master" clipped a chain leash through the ring on Tom's collar and led him around as he circulated through the club. Tom was continually expecting to be violated – either anally or orally – but for some reason he wasn't. Instead, Master seemed happy to run his gloved hands over Tom's muscled chest or ass and chuckle as Tom quivered. Several people expressed interest in Tom, but the other man always steered them away. As time went past, Tom found that he wanted this torment to end, for the man to have his way with him – and the fact that he didnt made Tom's distress even worse. The more he thought about it, the more aroused he got and his cock pressed painfully against the steel insert in the chastity shorts.

Tom tried several times to talk to the "Master" but could only grunt into the cock gag. He could feel sweat trickling down his face and the sides of his head as the hood heated up, and to his distress he even found that arousing. The man did remove the gag several times – each time Tom was ordered to "be silent" and to his surprise he found himself unable to speak. Each time he was given a pint of water, and another vial of the mystery liquid. Each time he compliantly let himself be re-gagged afterwards.

He soon lost track of time, the warring emotions within him making it difficult to judge the passage of time. His brain revolted against the rubber he was wearing and the plug up his ass, but his body responded positively, keeping his cock painfully hard. Tom had never taken a submissive role before and felt confused that it seemed to work on him. Several times he caught sight of himself in a mirror as he was led past it and each time his cock swelled as he looked at himself transformed into a muscle slave.

Finally, the end of the evening came. Tom was convinced that now his "Master" would have his way with him. To Tom's intense surprise – and, he had to admit, his disappointment – the man unlocked Tom's mitts, pulled them off and handed him the keys. "Keep the gear, it suits you." He patted Tom's ass roughly, using his fingers to push the plug deep into Tom's ass and making him groan. "We'll be seeing each other very soon." Just before leaving he dragged on the leash, pulling Tom's head down towards his own. He put his mouth next to Tom's ear and whispered something into it. He was talking for over a minute, but try as he might Tom couldn't remember a word that he had said.

Tom stood there for a moment, wondering what to do. He looked around and saw the rucksack this gear had originally been in on the floor beside him, now bulging with the leathers he had been wearing earlier. He grabbed the rucksack and went into one of the toilets to get changed.

He had mixed feelings as he stripped – he missed the feel of the cock gag deep in his mouth and as he slid the plug out, he felt strangely empty. His cock was rock hard as he took the chastity shorts off and he stroked it several times but for some reason he couldn't cum. He gave up and pulled his leathers back on. As he left the Hoist, the rubber slave gear tucked safely into the rucksack, several people he knew came up to ask where he had been. From their questions, they clearly thought he had been fucking some sub in a dark corner. For the first time, he avoided their questions, made his excuses and left.

The next morning, Tom woke up late. Despite the fact that he had arranged for a half day off at work, he still needed to get moving or he would be late for that. As he rushed around, shaving, showering and dressing in a smart grey suit, he didn't have time to consider what had happened last night. He had put his leathers away the night before, but didn't know what to do with the gear in the rucksack. In the end, he tucked it inside a wardrobe.

At work he was strangely distracted. Several of his work colleagues commented on it and joked that he was hung over. Normally he would have sworn at them and told them to bugger off, but today he just grinned sheepishly. He seemed unable to concentrate and kept making silly mistakes. In the end, he made some excuses about having a headache and left work early.

He decided to take a bus rather than get the Tube home, so walked down to the bus stop and stood waiting for his bus to turn up. As he waited it occurred to him that one of his favourite shops was just around the corner. A bit of retail therapy would help cheer him up, so he headed over there. The shop was located up a dimly lit alley. He walked up to the nondescript door and pressed the intercom button beside it. He looked up at the camera and after a few seconds, the door clicked open. As it did, he was almost overwhelmed by the smell of leather from inside and he grinned as he felt his cock stir.

Inside, as usual, he could see racks and racks of leather gear – uniforms, bike gear, bondage gear. The shop also had camo gear, uniforms for a variety of police and armed forces and a vast array of boots. They also had a large selection of rubber gear on their top floor, but he never went up there. They also had a basement where they showed off their dungeon furniture – Tom visited there a lot and had done several demonstrations for them.

"Hey, Tom"

The deep gravelly voice greeting him was from Mike – the owner of the shop. Mike was a Top as well and he and Tom had worked together on subs several times. Mike was a couple of inches shorter than Tom – about 6' 2" - but years of weightlifting had given him a torso and shoulders that were much wider than Tom's. He had a fully shaved head and a neatly trimmed black goatee. Today he was wearing a black muscle vest and as he walked towards Tom he could see that Mike was sporting a pair of skintight black leather chaps over a pair of leather jeans. The chaps had a grey stripe down the outside and the visual image gave Tom a reminder of last night that caused his cock to swell. Mike shook his hand "Good to see you. Looking for anything in particular or just browsing?"

"You too – it's been a while. I'm just browsing today."

"Ok, well take your time. I'll get you a coffee."

Mike headed out into the employee area while Tom started to look around. He was the only customer, which was not unusual at this time of day. Generally, Mikes' store got busy after about 8pm.

Tom started to look around, walking up and down the aisles of leather. He took out a few items, but nothing seemed to pique his interest. As he stood near the staircase, he caught a whiff of an aroma that caught his interest. It was coming from upstairs and something about it intrigued him. He headed upstairs and as he got there, he realised what it was – it was the smell of rubber. Standing there, looking at rack upon rack of rubber, he felt his cock swell and he rubbed it gently, letting it grow down the left leg of his trousers. He had never imagined there was so much rubber gear – from jockstraps and t-shirts to full suit, there seemed to be anything that anyone could want. He started going down the aisles, taking pieces out, looking at them, stroking, them, sniffing them. Each one tempted him, but not enough for him to want to try them on.

Eventually he came to a rack of RUBBER UNIFORMS, beautifully tailored replicas in full rubber. He thought this might be what he wanted as his cock by now was rock hard and leaking into his expensive trousers. He looked at several, aroused by each one, but they still didn't seem right. He took a step back to get a better look at the rack and felt the touch of rubber hanging on pegs behind him.

He turned around and saw several FULL BODY SUITS behind him. The suits seemed to be made of thicker rubber than normal. Each one had integral feet and mitts. They also had hoods and gas masks attached. Attached to the outside of the suit was a heavy rubber harness. His cock was now leaking freely. He looked around and saw the sign beside them "NEW! Gimp suit." He reached out and touched the suit, luxuriating in the feel of the rubber as it swung on the hanger.

"Don't recall ever seeing you up here, Tom."

The sudden sound of the voice made Tom jump and he spun around to see Mike stood there with his cup of coffee.

"Err, no, just taking a look."

Mike handed the coffee across and gave Tom a frankly appraising look "Looks like you were doing more than just looking" He let his gaze travel down to Tom's stained trouser front. Tom blushed and Mike laughed "We've all been there, mate. So, guess you have found yourself a sub who likes rubber and he's got you interested, eh? Good for you – you want one of these for him?"

Tom blushed furiously and sipped his coffee as he turned away from Mike to face the suits "Well, not exactly."

"Not exactly?" Mike slapped Tom on the shoulder, nearly causing him to spill his coffee. To his shock, the feel of Mikes hand on his shoulder was arousing and Tom felt his cock leaking again. "What the heck does 'not exactly' mean?"

"I want one for me."

The words were out of Tom's mouth before he could stop himself and he gulped at the coffee furiously to fill the silence that followed. It seemed like minutes, but could only have been for a few seconds before Mike said "You know these are for the subs, mate?" Tom nodded.

"Ok, then." Mike stepped past Tom and sorted through the suits before taking one off the rack. "Follow me."

Mike led Tom downstairs, pausing to make sure the front door was secured. He then led Tom down to the basement where he took him into a curtained area to one side. He pulled the curtain closed behind them and turned to Tom. "You sure?"

Tom nodded, something inside him screaming "NO, NO" but his body and mouth leading the way.

"Right then. Strip."

As Tom stripped, Mike took a canister of lube and started drizzling it inside the suit. He put nearly the whole canister in, sloshing it around so that the whole suit was lubed. He looked up to see Tom stood there, his cock rock hard and leaking. It seemed strange to him to see his friend so submissive, but Mike had wanted to get Tom chained up for years and he wasn't going to waste the opportunity.

"Step in." Mike held the suit out towards Tom and guided his feet into the legs of the suit. As they went down, both men could hear the slurping of the lube as the suit tightened around Tom's flesh. Mike helped work Tom's feet down into the integral feet of the suit and then pulled the matt black rubber up his friend's muscled legs. As he did, he couldn't miss the size and state of Tom's erection and he chuckled, feeling his own cock swelling inside his jeans. He worked the rubber up over Tom's knees and thighs and smoothed the rubber against his skin as he prepared to pull the suit over Tom's ass.

"Right, bend over." Mike grabbed hold of the integral plug and made sure it was well lubed. He then used two fingers to make sure Tom's hole was ready and then slowly side the plug inside Tom. He grunted and groaned as it went in, and Mike couldn't resist leaning over him and whispering "Don't worry, mate. It's a detachable plug inside a rubber sheath. I'll be able to pull the plug out and give you a good fucking later." To his surprise, Tom came with a spatter on the floor. Mike laughed at his friends' submissive reaction "I'll get you to clean that up later."

He got Tom to stand upright again and pressed against the plug to make sure it was seated correctly. He then went around to Tom's front and worked his cock and balls into the rubber sheath. They slipped, with some manipulation, into their separate sheaths and he secured them in place with a thick rubber cock ring.

Pulling the suit up further was easier as Mike could grip the thick rubber harness straps that were secured to the main body of the suit. They simulated a slave harness and once tightened helped accentuate the chest and cock of the gimp. Mike helped Tom get his arms into the suit. For each one he got him to slide his hand down inside the tight rubber and then make a fist as it slid into the mitt at the end. With his hands in the mitts, Tom was now helpless, but Mike zipped the suit up at the back before testing his control of the larger man. The only flesh now visible was Tom's head, the hood flapping free on his chest.

"KNEEL DOWN." Tom did so and Mike pointed at the spatter of cum on the floor.

"CLEAN IT UP." Tom looked around for a cloth, wondering how he would manage with the mitts.

"NO – WITH YOUR TONGUE." Tom blanched, but to Mikes surprise, bent over and started to lick the cum up. He had a few problems, the hood getting in his way, but soon had Mikes floor cleaned.


As Tom sat up, Mike grabbed the hood and pulled it over Tom's head. The hood was in two parts – the first was a THICK RUBBER SKIN which slid over the head and was zipped at the back. It also had a zipper which secured it to the main body of the suit.

Tom didn't struggle against the hood, even when the thick internal gag slid inside his mouth. Mike zipped the hood tightly in place and then took hold of the second part. This was a gas mask with two breathing tubes attached. Mike slid it over Tom's head and strapped it tightly in place.

Mike then got Tom to stand up and did the final adjustments to the suit. He strapped the harness tightly in place, loving the look as the rubber straps made Tom's chest swell. He then tightly secured the THICK RUBBER POSTURE COLLAR and locked both padlocks. Tom was now RUBBERED HEAD TO TOE and his cock was rock hard in front of him, leaking precum through the end of the sheath.

The suit was still matt black, so Mike got out a can of Silicon Glow and sprayed Tom all over. Soon he was a 6' 4" GLEAMING BLACK RUBBER GIMP, glistening like a newborn snake.

Mike stood close to Tom, so close he could hear his breathing inside the gas mask and see his eyes inside – all that remained to be seen apart from rubber. He grabbed Tom's cock.

"TIME TO LOCK THIS UP." He slapped Tom's cock until it deflated a little, then slid it inside the solid rubber cock cover. He then locked this to the rubber harness, keeping his cock secured and giving him the look of a SEXLESS RUBBER OBJECT.

Clipping a chain to Tom's collar, he led him out into the dungeon area.



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