Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Transformation of a Master 01

Tom squared his shoulders as he walked into the Hoist. As usual, he didn’t arrive until midnight. By then there would be a good selection of people there. He liked to have a decent choice and hated having to stand around and wait. As he walked in, several of the guys there stopped and looked at him. A couple of fellow Tops nodded to him. As usual the Hoist had let its dress code lapse and Tom curled his lip as he saw several people wearing jeans and T-shirts.

He himself was in fully leather – TIGHT LEATHER JEANS tucked into KNEE HIGH, WELL SHINED DEHNERS, BLACK LEATHER UNIFORM SHIRT secured at the neck with a LEATHER TIE. Over the top was a HEAVY LANGLITZ JACKET, secured tightly against his body with a SAM BROWNE BELT. The outfit was topped off with a BLACK LEATHER MUIR CAP. He had a HOOD, COLLAR AND CUFFS dangling from the left side of his belt and a GREY HANKY in his rear left pocket. Even without his leathers, Tom looked every bit the Top that he was. His 6' 4” frame was bulked out with powerful muscle, the result of several sessions a week in the gym. His blonde hair was cropped into a flat-top and his piercing blue eyes left no doubt that he was in charge.

He swaggered up to the bar and ordered a beer. The bartender simpered at him as he handed it over, but Tom ignored him – he liked his men masculine. He stood with his back to the bar and surveyed the room. The usual cross-section of people was in there – some in leather, some in skinhead gear, the occasional gleam of rubber, but most wearing no shirt, jeans and boots. Tom sighed – he much preferred his men fully geared – though not in rubber, which he hated. He spotted a few people that he knew – and a couple that he had Topped before, but no-one that caught his attention. He grabbed his beer and started to have a walk around the darker areas of the club.

A few guys were already playing back there, the muffled grunts and groans mingling with the relentless techno beat of the music. Some guys were stood around, making themselves available. He looked them all up and down but no-one appealed. A couple of the braver ones reached forward to touch his arm and he just glared at them until they stepped back. He went upstairs, passing the slings with a sneer and walked out onto the balcony. From there he could look down on the crowd. He sighed – looked like a quiet night ahead with very little to interest him.


The voice came from his left. It was soft and he barely heard it over the music.


This time it was more insistent. He turned to see a guy leaning against the balcony beside him. He was dressed almost exactly like Tom, except that his leather trousers had a broad grey stripe down the outside. He was much shorter than Tom, but made up for it in width. He can’t have been more than 5' 8” tall, but his shoulders were as broad as Tom's and his chest was packed with muscle. He took his Muir cap off to reveal a shaved head. Tom felt a stirring of arousal and then a flutter of disappointment as he realised that this guy was a Top as well.

“Nice to see someone else dressed properly”. Tom grunted a non-committal reply – he wasn’t interested in friendship, just sex. The man took the answer as an invitation and moved closer, so that the two men were almost touching. “Pathetic isn’t it? You’d think people would make more of an effort when coming out to a fetish bar.”

This was so close to Toms view that he couldn't help but replying, and soon the two men were having a conversation. The man didn't give him a name, and nor did Tom but the two of them were soon laughing like old friends. When he suggested getting a drink, Tom agreed and they went downstairs together. As they did, two men covered in rubber from head to toe came up the stairs. Tom looked up at them, shaking his head. “Not a fan, eh?”

“No, I just don’t get it.”

“Ah, well, maybe you haven’t had the right introduction to it – for a submissive it’s quite erotic and seductive.”

“There’s my problem then – I’m a Top.”

“Really? I would have you pegged as a switch at best.”

Tom rounded on the man “WHAT? Look you, you don't know me at all, but I don't get topped by anyone.”

“Ok, OK, no offence meant. Shame though – was hoping that you were. There’s very little in here tonight that interests me except you.”

“Well, if that's what you want, you’re out of luck”

“Like I said, shame. But that doesn’t stop us having a drink, does it?”

Tom paused and then shook his head. To tell the truth he’d been enjoying the conversation. He couldn't see how the guy had assumed he was a switch, but at least the mistake was out in the open. They headed to the bar and ordered and the guy insisted on paying “to atone for my mistake” as he put it.

The two men slugged down the beer and the conversation resumed slowly at first, but then soon got back to the pace they had been talking at before. Tom was surprised how well he got on with this guy – they agreed on so many things. They finished one drink and the guy insisted on buying another. This time, they walked around with them, having a look at what was going on. They ended up stood watching the two rubber guys. One was on his knees giving the other a blow job. The guy that was stood up saw Tom and his friend and motioned them to join in. Tom shook his head and they moved on. “See, they were having fun.”

“Yeah, but just not my kind of thing”

“You know, you should try it. I’m convinced you’d have a good time.”

“Look, I’m just not interested, can we change the subject?”

“Absolutely – though I have to say, it would look great on you.”

Tom turned to protest and had a sudden mental image of himself in full rubber, the tight black material outlining his massive muscles like a second skin. To his surprise he felt himself getting hard. The guy chuckled “See – you’re thinking about it now, aren’t you?”

Tom nodded with embarrassment “Yes – but no idea why. I’ve never even thought of that before.”
“Ah, well, that’s my fault I should imagine.” The guy held up a small phial. “You’ve had two of these so far, and by now you’re extremely open to suggestion.”

Tom started to complain, and stepped forward balling his fists. Before he could do anything the man said “STOP RIGHT THERE. YOU DON'T WANT TO MOVE OR SPEAK.” Tom immediately stopped as he realised he just wanted to stand there.

“GOOD. THIS MIGHT HAVE BEEN A BAD NIGHT FOR YOU, BUT IT'S JUST PERFECT FOR ME. YOU'RE JUST THE TYPE OF GUY I LIKE – A BIG, TOUGH, AGGRESSIVE TOP. JUST THE SORT OF GUY I LIKE TO TAKE DOWN. I'M GOING TO ENJOY BREAKING YOU.” As he was saying this, the guy rubbed his hands under Tom's jacket and rubbed at his muscled chest. He then unzipped Toms trousers and started to fondle his impressive cock.

“OH YES, YOU'RE AROUSED BY THAT.” As soon as he said that, Tom’s cock sprang to attention, his 8” length poking out of the fly of his trousers. The man grinned. “PERFECT.” He got two more phials out of his pocket “YOU WANT TO DRINK THESE.” Tom was suddenly thirsty and the smell of the liquid in the phials was intoxicating. He took them from the man and gulped them down. The man grinned.




“YES, MASTER.” Even without the words, Tom's cock was fully erect now and leaking pre-cum and giving away his arousal at the thought.


His Master walked away and Tom started stripping naked. In seconds, he was stood there, 6' 4” of NAKED MUSCLE with a pile of leather gear beside him. Several people looked on appreciatively. A couple came up to him and started to fondle his muscles and his rock hard cock. He let them, enjoying the attention. One ran his hands over Tom's chest and stomach, then turned him around to face the wall and stroked the globes of his ass. He then ran his finger over Toms asshole. Tom shuddered. He knew that he was a Top, that such a feeling was unnatural, but somehow it felt right and he arched his back slightly, pushing onto the guy's finger. Before anything else could happen, Master was stood beside him “SORRY, BUT THIS ONE IS CLAIMED.” The guys moved away, but carried on watching as Master put a heavy rucksack down beside Tom.

“STAND AT ATTENTION.” Tom did so immediately and Master frankly appraised Tom’s body, running his hands over Tom’s muscles. “NICE, THE HAIR WILL HAVE TO GO, BUT THAT'S SOMETHING TO DEAL WITH LATER. FOR NOW, LET'S GET THE CLOTHING RIGHT. TURN AROUND, BEND OVER AND GRAB HOLD OF YOUR ANKLES.” Tom did so and felt something cold being smeared on his asshole. His Master then used a finger to get the slimy material inside Tom’s ass. “STAY THERE AND DON'T MAKE A SOUND.” Tom then felt something press against his asshole. His Master wriggled and rotated the object until it slowly started to push inside Tom. Tom wanted to groan as his virgin ass was stretched, but knew he could not disappoint his Master. The object got wider and wider and then with a wet slap his asshole closed around it. Tom realised his ass had been plugged.

“STAND UP. TURN AROUND. CLENCH TO KEEP THAT INSIDE.” Tom did so. His Master then lifted out a pair of THICK RUBBER CHASTITY SHORTS. He lubed the inside of them and then pulled them up Tom’s legs. His Master fed Tom’s cock and balls through a hole into the pouch at the front of the shorts and then secured them in place with a rubber strap. His precum leaked over Masters gloves and Master lifted his stained hand to Tom’s lips. “CLEAN IT.” Without hesitation, Tom started licking the gloves clean. When Master was satisfied, he completed pulling the shorts onto Tom, inserting a MOULDED METAL PLATE into the front pouch to prevent Tom getting fully erect. Then he padlocked the shorts on and pocketed the keys.

“HOLD YOUR HANDS OUT AND MAKE FISTS.” Tom did so and Master worked THIK PADDED RUBBER FIST-MITTS over each one, again padlocking them in place. Master then took out two more padlocks and secured the mitts to D-rings on either side of the chastity shorts. Tom was now helpless.

“KNEEL”. Tom did so and Master slid a THICK RUBBER HOOD over his head. The eyeholes were pinpricks, reducing his vision and his ears slipped into moulded holes in the rubber, reducing his hearing. Master zipped the hood tightly shut and then padlocked it. He then took out a THICK RUBBER POSTURE COLLAR, strapped it tightly around Tom’s throat and then padlocked that as well. Finally he slid a THICK COCK GAG into Tom’s mouth and secured it behind his head.

“STAND.” Somehow, his Masters voice still reached him clearly. “TURN AROUND AND LOOK” Tom did so, finding himself opposite one of the many mirrors in the Hoist. He saw himself as he was now – A HUGE MUSCLED SUBMISSIVE, HOODED AND HELPLESS. His cock swelled as much as it was able and he felt his ass clench around the plug.



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