Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Rogue Leathercop 05


Other bikes were parked in front of the signless, windowless building. SARGE "ACE" AMBERSON kicked the bike's stand into place, and ordered the gimp to dismount, as best it could.

"KNEEL!" was the next thing it heard, hooded and blindfolded under the helmet. It dropped nervously down onto the gravel.. The gimp realized things were now serious.

Adjusting his crotch after dismounting, ACE took a leash off his cop belt and chained it to the collar of the hood, and with one hard tug nearly pulled the gimp off its knees., as it stumbled trying to stand up. It walked following the sound of its new MASTER's boots crunching on the gravel..

GIMP noticed the drone of distant traffic fading, changing to the ringing of the steel tips of ACE's boots on what must be the metal floor of a passageway that led deep into a building. And from the exciting smell of cigar smoke, GIMP realized ACE had lit the cigar he had been chewing as he rode the Harley.

Padding behind, GIMP heard ACE's boots suddenly stop as the unlit passage came to a dead end. GIMP heard the rattle of keys on ACEs cop belt, and the clang of what sounded like a metal gate and then another creaking door.

ACE yanked GIMP through the gate as the door slammed shut behind. Excited and terrified, GIMP realized there was no turning back.. ACE had kept the location and even entry to the building secret.

HELMET OFF" ordered ACE in a different, menacing voice. Gimp struggled, barely managing to slide the tinted lid off and drop it on the floor.

"STRIP". Already shivering, GIMP unzipped the rubber top. Before he even got to the rubber shorts, they were ripped off in tatters by ACE.
GIMP's pitiful cock sprung out, shrunken by fear.


GIMP quickly raised its paws up to the hood..

"AGAINST THE WALL" barked ACE; as GIMP was too slow moving it was slammed face first against the brickwork...

"LEGS APART" growled ACE,. kicking them wide open with his WESCOS, as he put the sub in an arm lock. Expertly cuffing the vic., the leathercop barked more orders.


GIMP heard the rattle of keys again, and the sound of hinges opening and closing. GIMP's heart was racing as it stood blindfolded and naked, for what seemed like an hour, not knowing what was happening behind. All it could hear was the creaking of leather, the thud of boots on the floor followed by the sound of zips and snaps fastening and, most terrifying, what sounded like a weapon being cocked

GIMP suddenly heard the sound of boots approach it, and the weight of an arm on its back as the hood's eye-patches were ripped off from behind. ACE took the arm band and all the money in it., and put it in his Langlitz jacket. GIMP realized this was becoming more than a fantasy cop shakedown

"TURN ROUND" growled ACE, with a voice now completely unrecognisable from before.

Through the slits in the hood GIMP could see the glow of ACE's cigar clamped in his jaw.. But GIMP also saw ACE was now wearing a different uniform. A peaked Officer Cap with different insignia., with the brass-tipped visor pulled down onto his nose, eyes shielded by black Aviators.. ACE was wearing a unfamiliar breast badge, stripes and decal on his epaulets, and was adjusting a white lanyard of high rank. GIMP also noticed a nightstick and holster had appeared on a heavily tooled-up cop belt. And in the other gauntlet was gripped a heavy, black bullwhip. ACE had even changed his Harley WESCOS to high shine COP DEHNERS. They must have been in one of the metal uniform lockers that GIMP could now see lined the corridor walls.

GIMP felt as if looking at a different man to the one he met at the EAGLE - a Paramilitary Officer or vigilante COP. But this made GIMP want even more to worship the authority and power of the uniformed, muscled COP - to be near HIS maculinity. GIMP's asshole and throat were hungry for the COP's cock. Confused by awe, desire and fear, GIMP wondered what was coming next..

The Leathercop turned a wheel-lock and slid a heavy door open. Blue cigar smoke floated across shafts of light streaking into the corridor, as GIMP was lead through the doorway, handcuffed. From behind the Leathercop's wide shoulders GIMP saw what looked like a signing-in desk manned by a heavily muscled leatherclad cop behind a grille. The Cop thug, lit up from above by a single overhead bulb, was wearing similar leather shirt, cap and decal as ACE, with a stogie jammed in the corner of his mouth. Behind were a rank of CCTV screens and hanging on the grille various straps, gags, instruments and hoods identical to the one GIMP was wearing. The Sergeant stood up to salute ACE, then shook gauntlets.

"Signin in a civilian.". The Sarge handed a clipboard through an opening in the grille.

"Number -. 050511"

"Any valuables, BOSS?"

The LEATHERCOP grinned, patting his chest pocket. "Nope. No valuables".

SARGE passed a cockcage through the grille, as ACE swiftly locked it on the gimp, handing back the key to SARGE.

"Brand ready, BULLITT?"..

The thug, grinned back, as it passed a long cattle brand through an opening in the grille.

The GIMP started squirming at the sight of the iron brand red on its end, and tugged on the cuffs.

"Wanna hand, BOSS - brandin it the old-fashioned way?".

The GIMP started freaking out as it saw the red metal coming towards it.. "KEEP STLL, PIG" shouted ACE.

Lurching through a gate in the grille, in one brutal move BULLITT headlocked the gimp, crushing its neck with a massive veined bicep - instantly subduing the struggling vic for its MASTER..

ACE took the brand and landed it on the gimp's arse as it braced itself for the heat, flinching with the cold metal - realising with relief that the red "glow" of the metal was only ink..

"Now property of the Cellblock" barked ACE..

SARGE BULLITT pressed a button under the counter. GIMP following ACE through a sliding door and down a passage. ACE turned left into a large room, with a pool of light in the centre, around which were arranged high-back leather chairs in front of another bank of screens. The familiar blue haze of cigar smoke hung over the group.

ACE's boots crunched as HE approached the chairs, GIMP pulled behind on his collar. From behind ACE's wide Langlitzed back three Leathercops became visible in the chairs, smoking cigars with their boots resting on stools, watching what GIMP thought was cop porn..

As the clink of ACE's nightstick against his SAM BROWN got louder, two of the COPS suddenly booted their stools aside and stood up to salute ACE.

"At ease, men", ordered ACE clasping the gauntlets of the Officers. Both cops were in identical full Langlitz uniform and breeches, booted, Muir Capped and armed. GIMP was sweating with desire - realising he was about to serve a leader amongst men - the fantasy MASTER and COP he dreamed of. GIMP's shrivelled cock started to grow, but painfully restrained by the metal cock-cage. Unlike the bulging uniform codpieces of the three powerful Leathercops he hoped to serve...

A third cop remained seated, visible from behind only by the peaked cap towering above the back of the black leather chair, cigar smoke curling above.. ACE walked round to face the cop, seated as if on a throne. To GIMP's excitement he saw a collared naked sub lashed to the chair between this Leathercop's boots, servicing his cock, while the uniformed Officer sat back enjoying a cigar, whisky and cop porn

The cop reached up a gauntlet to greet ACE.

"Evenin' CAPTAIN". This cop must be an equal to ACE, thought GIMP....


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