Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Rogue Leathercop 04


The former sub peered out, bleary-eyed, his blindfold removed for the first time in days. After being gang-banged, his head was kicked in by the SARGES, and his nose broken twice.

Then suddenly the beatings stopped, to be followed by weeks of endless blindfold workouts, and kept in gym gear from neck to ankle, not allowed to see his body. And the gym, like his cell, had no mirrors.

Force-fed protein shakes funnelled down his neck, hundreds of injections all over his body and balls, agonising night-long vac-pumping, and then handcuffed and blindfolded to a prison bed often with protein-shake vomit running down his chest when not being forced to bone-breaking workout.s with a gun at his head. And after being chloroformed one day, he came to, with what felt like knife-marks all over his chest.. Most disgusting of all was the forced cigar-smoking and deep-hauling, resulting in a lot of the protein vomit, and his now coarsened rasping voice..

The only time he was not blindfolded, was when the Officers recruited him into brutal sub punching and forced subskull and ass pounding, himself beaten later if he didn't get hard, or shoot his load in the subs - like he once used to be.

Now he was instructed to take off the gym sweats. in Sergeant Flex's cum-splattered posing mirror, for one second he did not recognise what he saw. He thought there was another bodybuilder standing next to Coach FLEX, with a smashed up boxer's face staring back at him, covered with a heavy rough beard sprouting out of what was left of a neck, buried in bulging bull-traps.

In the dark Jerry had felt his arms, pex and stomach had gotten bigger, but looking back at what he thought was himself he saw the heavy bulk of a wrestler, or an off-season powerlifter. His body was no longer shaved, bronzed, lean and shiny, but hairy, and inked with what he now realized were still-raw backstreet tats, and a deep posing tan that made him look a Latino WWE wrestler. Pendulous off-season pecs, with the word "TOP" scrawled on one, had tracks of greasy roid acne and gyno man-nips.. His chest had been inflated from 40 to 49 inches of part-bulk, mostly-muscle, with some definition given by painful synthol injections all over his torso. His arms had pumped from defined 15 inches to 19 off-season inches bulging with synthol, pushed out sideways by bulky lats that. gave him a dramatic V, capped by cannonball delts covered with site marks.

During his mysterious month of forced muscle gain/torture his trainer/torturer Sergeant FLEX had ruined his looks, like he said he would. There was no trace left of his "pretty-boy Abercrombie looks" - just some fucking ugly thug. He was unrecognisably muscular, but an ugly Shrek, victim of some weird experiment that had backfired. He didn't understand why.

Jerry started crying, shaking uncontrollably.

Surprisingly, FLEX changed his tone. Lighting a 'gar, he put a heavy arm round the now-thug's shoulder. "I said no-one would have ya now, but look at ya now bro, you"re frackin YOOGE buddy. All the pussy's gonna wanna piece of this musclecop, yeah? That's why we put all the hard work in, to show ya what it takes to be a real man, bro. Ya 250 pounds of FUKKING COP BEEF buddy. Ya one of us now!, Sergeant Jerry!"

The lunk stopped sobbing, and turned to FLEX. Really? 250 pounds? And one of the Sarges - they're not gonna kill me?

Vain to the last Jerry realised there was a way out, and he may as well make the most of it. Hell, the Cellblock cops have a sweet life. And all the forced fukking and beating which didn't do anything for him had started to turn him on a bit......

"Come on COP, flex ya beef - show me what ya made of buddy".

Jerry shakily lifted one arm up, amazed by the size of the ham-sized limb in front of him. Squeezing it up, he smiled tentatively over to FLEX, as the bowling ball blew up instantly, enhanced by skin-straining synthol. FLEX smiled back; "And the other one".

Jerry flexed both biceps and squeezed harder this time, surprised amazed by the sheer weight of his arms. Jerry impressed himself with the V of lats that he'd never had before. The rookie builder checked out the thickness of his pecs, as they twitched and flinched as he moved his arms.

FLEX, already topless to intimidate the rookie, joined in the gun show. "Come on, man, MOST MUSCULAR" he shouted, demonstrating a crab shot in the mirror, 320 pounds of veined bulging beef, flexing and twitching, overblown bull-traps threatening to engulf his grinning 'gar smoking head.

"FFFUKK YEA:" the rookie replied in admiration of his now fellow musclebud, Sergeant Jerry was all too easily slipping into the mindset of the ugly MUSCLECOP he had morphed into, aroused and impressed as he imitated FLEX's posing, turned on by his own comparable muscle mass, becoming more arrogant and hard with every newly flexed muscle.

Jerry's painfully pumped and sliconed bullIcock was by now fully pumped, dripping with arrogant self-discovery.

"DO IT MAN" Flex roared, by now with his jock off, flexing his favourite most muscular/cock pose - a crab flex whilst jacking his 10 inch cock with both hands. Side by side, puffing cigar smoke, the two meatheads most-musculared, and flexed their torsos, squeezing muscle and cock in the same pose, roaring louder and louder with each stroke.

"Fuckin BIG MUSCLE, MAN! Shouted Jerry at the mirror, glorying in his image, and psyched on roids.. "Fukkin COPMUSCLEGOD!"

""DO IT, COP, FUCK THAT JIZZ OUT" roared the twitching ball of bullmuscle next to him that passed for human..



Roaring in unison the muscle-crazed hulks splattered the cum-stained gym mirror with roided jizz.

"FFFFUUKKKKKIN MUSCLEMAN!!!!". Jerry shouted, still pumping test out of his heavy vacced cock, and lumbered right up to the mirror nodding with self-congratulation as he flexed a bi, and savoured his VANITY.

FLEX sidled up to the rookie, and suddenly whacked him cross the pex. Grinning at the startled rookie, FLEX flexed a side chest with his cock still standing to attention and snarled:- "Come on BIG MAN, punch these pex. Give me what ya got, COP."

Drunk on power and roids,, Jerry smashed a paw into FLEX's granite CHESTBEEF. A wall of muscle stopped the rookie's fist, as the musclebull merely smiled back.

"ALL ya got, FAG? Harder!!!! FLEX puffed up a massive 62 inch lat spread. The rookie punched the huge musclecop on his brick-like abs, landing his full 250 pounds on his roid-gut.

Looking at the their 600 pounds of raw masculinity in the mirror, the two neanderthals punched and flexed, smashed and posed, displaying their invincibility, arrogance and raw power....


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