Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Rogue Leathercop 06


Three or four Cops in varying rank of leather uniform barged into the room led by Sergeant FLEX.

"So where's that little fukka then FLEX?" Captain SIR demanded, angrily.

FLEX laughed. "Here BOSS"

One of the cops lumbered forward and, wheezing, straightened up in a lat spread. The bare-chested sweating thug wore a Sam-Brown shoulder strap squeezed between hairy swollen pecs, two leather collars as bicep straps; with a bloated roidgut spilling over straining breeches barely containing a massive powerlifter's arse. And the pumped cock had burst open one of the cod's poppers. The grinning goon's greasy pex, and stomach were inked with prison tats, with his bulging Syntholed biceps, traps and delts peppered with roid acne and site marks.

A shining shaven pate topped a flushed stubbled mug, with a drooping handlebar tache trailing down to a swollen-veined neck. Captain didn't recognise the dark-skinned lunk in cop shades. Was it that new Latino Prison Officer? Captain couldn't tell, but he knew one thing - he was one ugly fukker.

"Howdie BOSS" the lunk said saluting, in a cigar-raddled growl.

"FLEX!?! What the FUCK'S going on?". Captain demanded, sitting back down in annoyance with the time waster. "AND WHO'S THIS MEATHEAD?"

The goon removed its Aviators with shaky, iron-blistered paws. A smashed up nose and the puffy, scarred eyelids of a loser cage-fighter completed the look of this shuffling, protein-farting goon, belching cigar smoke.

"Sergeant Jerry reporting for duty, SIR!" the goon barked, inflating his chest further, whilst adjusting his crotch.

Something about the broken, rattle of the voice tipped Captain off.

"Jesus H Christ!!!!!!. Is that you Jerry, ya little fag?". Captain realised, suddenly realising to get on board with the elaborate hoax he now vaguely remembered. "Yeah, You look awesome bud. A REAL COP"

Completely oblivious to the joke, the roided goon high-fived Captain back beaming with pride., and pumped out a double bi, turning his head and nodded smiling arrogantly at its left bicep blowing cigar smoke on the fat, syntholed-swole peak.

Sarge FLEX winked at Captain: "Show the Captain what ya made of bud" as FLEX mimed a most muscular to Jerry, joining in as the goon squeezed out a crab shot. FLEX nearly split his 62 inch leather uniform shirt down the lats, popping open the snap on the collar. Jerry displayed his gurning muscle with his mentor, getting visibly hard with arrogance as his cockhead started to show over the top of the regulation codpiece.

"WHOA there, big guy, there's plenty of time for THAT later" chuckled CAPTAIN, "we got some nice training material for ya to play with."

"HELL YEAH" "this COP's in the mood to do some SERIOUS DAMAGE" the rookie top roared, grabbing his crotch.

Captain pressed a button that opened a door behind his desk leading to the private elevator to his personal. Dungeon, christened in last week's retirement party.

As the four Sarge's wide shoulders squeezed into the elevator, Sgt Jerry, fukked on roids and whisky, was excited to try out his new mass and COP role.

"Mask on, Bud" Captain ordered handing Jerry an executioner's half-hood. "COOL, SIR" the eager thug chuckled.. The other Officers all wore regulation Aviators and Muir Caps with gold insignia of high rank, and hand-made finest leather real-gold-braided uniform shirts, tailored to the cops muscular proportions - though FLEX's shirt was more rectangular than "V" shaped.

In the dark room the four LEATHERCOPS saw a naked hooded figure in the dark, strapped to a St. Andrew's Cross, facing a mirrored wall.

"Stand straight, PIG" Captain ordered. The pig straightened up at the sound of heavy cop boots approaching.

GIMP was terrified and excited at the same time, knowing the exquisite pain and pleasure coming to him, yearning to serve and feed from the COPS pure unbridled masculinity.

Captain and FLEX sat in two leather thrones and lit a cigar, while Sgts Amberson and Jerry approached the sub.

Amberson gave Sarge Jerry some boxing gloves to wear. "Show us your right hook, COP". Sgt Jerry sidled up to the pig, and with one straight-shot, punched it in the kidneys. A muffled scream came from the zip-hood..

"Nice one", the COPS nodded to each other. Without stopping Jerry continued to rib-punch the sub, admiring his sweating muscle in action in the mirror behind, and how his new untested strength made the sub buckle under the force of his massive arms.

"Feel that POWER, fag!" Jerry barked pounding the punchbag. "You COP meat, now boy." The sub mumbled in agreement.

Amberson handed Sgt Jerry a bullwhip. "Do your worst, COP"

"Hell yeah", grunted the sweating lunk., taking off the gloves, and grabbing the whip. Without any warning, J lashed the waiting sub. "Take this, PIG"

Jerry brutally flogged the moaning painpig, aroused by his new strength, the noise the whip made with each stroke, and how the pig's back arched in reaction to his dominating strength, flinching but not resisting.

Jerry enjoyed admiring his new self, unrecognisably massive, in executioner half-hood, with heavy biker-tache drooping below, his hairy inked pex glistening with sweat.

"Feel my power, PIG!" Jerry roared, as he admired the thickness of his new syntholed guns rising up then crashing down.

"Fukk it up COP", the other cops hooted, as thy slowly jakked their inches, enjoying a cigar and the training session. Sgt Amberson had taken his cod off, and was holding his heavy inches in his gauntlet. Amberson took his PR24 from his Sam Brown, and handed it to Jerry.

"Open that hole up, COP!"

Jerry snatched the baton, and in one brutal move buttfukked the screaming pig.

"Right on, COP" congratulated Sergeant Amberson, shaking the grinning rookie thug by the gauntlet. Jerry turned round and pulled out the baton.

"YOU want a real man inside ya PUSSYBOI!"." Jerry roared, throwing the baton down and grabbing GIMP by the shoulders and pumping its ass with his siliconed 9 X 8 pole. "Take this COP COCK, worm!"

Jerry pounded the moaning sub, lifting it off its feet with each cock-thrust, and crushing his pecs into its back, rocking the cross out of its sockets..

Jerry lifted his arms and flexed a double-bi in the mirror, still with cock in the sub's chute.

"WORSHIP THIS MUSCLE, pig", Jerry roared. GIMP mumbled praise through the ball-gag. "BIG MAN can't HEAR you, FAG." The gimp mumbled its praise louder.

"I"m gonna breed ya FFFUKKIN CUNT!!!" Jerry roared, shooting his first roid-load into the subs bruised ass. Jerry roughly pulled out, as Sgt Amberson high-fived the rookie cop. "Good work, Cop", he smiled, cigar in mouth, shaking the rookie interrogator's hand with his gauntlet and patting the thick-set thug on his broad back.

Sgt Amberson took a cigar from his cop shirt pocket, and lit Jerry's cigar.

"Cheers Man, feels fukking good, bud" Jerry grinned, pulling his gauntlets back on, cupping a clenched fist in the other gloved hand. "Gonna try these bad boys out". Jerry grinned through the cigar smoke, curling his bicep back and forth.

Sarge Jerry sidled up to the hanging sub, and roughly wrapped his 19" bicep round the fag's neck, as taught by SARGE BULLITT. The 10" glowing Jeroboam blew smoke into the sub's nose holes. "You this COP's pussy fag now boi, yeah?" The sub shook as it nearly passed, out slowly choking as bicep peak began to cut cut off its airway. Jerry punched the sub in the ribs with the other gauntleted fist to bring it round, then blew smoke into the holes as it struggled for air. "Take the smoke FAG!" Jerry ordered.

"EXCELLENT!" the other cops hooted, congratulating the rookie.

Sgt Amberson by now was hard, his pumped inches sticking out, and had taken his uniform shirt off. Amberson's chest outmuscled the rookie's - 52 inches of ripped, lean mature pro-muscle, expertly and expensively perfected by Sarge Flex, as exhibited in the competitions mandatory for Cellblock Officers. Boulder shoulders tapered to a roidgut tucked into flared Officer breeches. The sub didn't stand a chance between these two walls of muscle.

"What ya say to a good old spit-roast, Sarge?" Jerry grinned at the Leathercop. "Hell YEAH, buddy."

Amberson uncuffed the sub from the cross, and in one move slammed it face down onto the fuck table.

"Which hole you want, bud", Amberson knew which hole suited his plan. "Try its skull for size, Cop."

Amberson's massive, and seasoned pumpcock now stood fully erect, more impressive than the rookie's month-old vacced tool - expertly pumped and siliconed over many years. The glistening, brutally veined muscleweapon stood out menacingly next to the other attachments on Sarge's cop belt, by far the most dangerous and impressive of all the weapons of pain. Amberson's cockfukk was the most feared part of his repertoire.

As he pulled open the cheeks of the sub, he gripped his steel-hard member with the other gauntlet and firmly guided it into the loosened cunt. Sarge slowly but implacably forced the muscleweapon into the subcunt who let out a deafening scream. Through years of expertise, and reacting only with a puff of cigar smoking curling out of one corner of his unsmiling mouth, Amberson merely acknowledged the sound as signal that HE had broken the ass ring, and, task completed, to calmly carry on driving his weapon with one continuous, thrust till holstered right to the base., for the fullest cock pleasure as he deserved, as a Senior Officer and Interrogator.

Jerry was in awe of Amberson's mastery, total control and ruthless, unsmiling, emotionless professionalism, as if Sarge took no pleasure from his "work" - except the arrogant pleasure a professioinal torturor derives from the total power and dominance of a lesser mortal - with sexual gratification coming almost solely from Amberson's evident arrogance.. This Alpha-male self-belief, (called a "God-Complex" civilians) was shared by all the Senior ranking Officers of The 'Block....

The power-crazed rookie, spurred on by Amberson's display, bent his head down at the exhausted sub's head and barked right in its face:

"You want this COP COCK, faggot." Jerry waved his member in front of its eyeholes. The sub mumbled loudly. Jerry unzipped the hood's mouth hole. Before the sub could draw breath and respond Jerry was brutalizing its throat with his cock.

The thug forced the heavy cockhead into its mouth and then pounded it into the back of its neck, forcing his full length right down into its gagging throat.

Amberson grinned at the rookie. "Feel good bro?"

"Hell yeah - oh FFFFUKKKK yeah!" Jerry roared on the brink of shooting a second load in the sub's skull.

"Look at your Master, pig" ordered Amberson as he reached over and pulled off GIMP's hood off just at the moment Sergeant Jerry blasted his roid-load into GIMP's guts..

Jerry pulled his still dripping member out of GIMP's skull, as threw his head and arms up, flexing and roaring as his rampant cock pumped the rest of his load over GIMPs face.

The hoodless gimp cried out:

"Sir, YOU are the FUKKING BIG MAN, SIR - Breed this faggot cunt, SIR!!!"

GIMP gurgled through the cum pouring out its mouth, able at last to speak and see without the hood, looking at musclethug looming above and the bloated cock shooting jizz in his face.

Sarge Jerry looked down at the unhooded worshipper's face below his pex. He stopped moving as his face turned white.

"DAVE!!!!? Fuck, is that you. - It's me, Jerry. You're FUKKIN GAY?!!!"

The sub, covered in cum, still with Amberson inside him, looked quizzically at the thug, and for a moment of disbelief, paused, and then cried out..

"Jerry - Oh my GOD....Don't look at me......What the fuck happened to YOU?!!"

The other Sarges hooted with triumph and high fived each other as Captain Sir turned on the lights.....


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