Friday, July 16, 2010

Bo 04

WOLF opened the door and stood in the doorway, the amber glow of his half smoked Casablanca held between the fingers of his right glove almost the only light, a dark silhouette in a Muir cap, black leather uniform shirt and breeches, and tall Dehner Cop boots. A CIGAR-SMOKING ARROGANT LEATHER GOD.

HOODER looked up from his dominant position behind the bent over HAIRLESS ROPE-RESTRAINED LEATHER-HOODED BUTT-PLUGGED BODY BUILDER and nodded acknowledgement to his LEATHERCOP BUD in the doorway, meanwhile continuing to squeeze BO's RUBBER-SUCTIONED NIPPLES. BO tried to press his hands against HOODER's swollen leather groin, but with only limited success because of the rope bindings which confined his wrists at an unnatural angle behind his back and made almost any movement impossible.

After admiring the view for a minute, WOLF stuck the 'gar back into the corner of his mouth and sucked. "Nice setup you got here, HOODER," he said, "and a shame to waste it on pussy ass bondage." He shook his head. "Time for a little good cop-bad cop now, and guess who just walked in the door?" he said with a smirk.

BO could hear the heavy crunch of another pair of boots on the floorboards. Straining against the ropes to lift his head, he could only see as high as a pair of high-shine cop boots that slowly walked towards him. Identikit gold-striped leather cop breeches led up to an angry, veined eight-inch cock with a shining dripping helmet. Sarge WOLF had walked straight from from the Officer's mess with his weapon still cocked, fresh from his last skull-vic.m

Sexed up by HOODER'S domination and the oversize plug RAPING his prostate, BO was gagging to suck the meatpole that was slowly approaching his gagged mouth.

"THAT AIN'T NO WAY TO BREAK IN A BOI," he said to HOODER. "HE'S GOTTA FEEL THE PAIN AND KNOW HE'S NOT IN CONTROL NO MORE," and slapped BO hard across the side of the head to emphasize his point. BO grunted at the unexpected physical attack. Suddenly out of the corner of his eye BO caught a glint of metal flash past him, and then a stinging pain on his face.

"I'm gonna break your FUKKIN ASS, PIG!!!!!" barked the new leather cop into the sub's face.

BO felt the sting subside to a delicious throb that flowed like a current into his dick. He saw the handgun now hanging down in front of his face, next to the cop's meat weapon. He'd been PISTOL-WHIPPED, and the sensation was a heady mix of pleasure and pain that both confused him and excited him at the same time.

"FUKKING HELL, WOLF", laughed HOODER, "Don't kill it just yet!". Teaming up in 'GOOD COP-BAD COP' routine, HOODER joined in messing with the vic's mind.

Fuck, this cop means business, BO thought nervously. Although the muscleslave was solidly built, he was worried about what pain was coming next, given the sudden escalation of violence and his inability to resist it in any way. But the new cop WOLF's authority made his cock hard, and BO couldn't help himself.
He tired his best to get a better look at this new threat, to see what he was getting himself into.

What he saw was impressive, and scary. The new cop wore identical uniform, badge, lanyard and Sarge stripes that HOODER wore. But instead of a leather hood, this man wore a black leather officer's Muir Cap perched on a steel grey hi n' tite, eyes obscured by the visor of the Officer cap worn low on the forehead, and a cigar jutted out of a solid jaw. Twitching biceps stretched the leather of the cop shirt, as WOLF cocked the handgun. BO had struck double COP hell. He squirmed in his rope bindings, This only increased the friction of the BUTT PLUG, which by now was making the musclepup leak pre-cum in its tiny posers.

"GOTTA KNOW THIS AIN'T NO GAME. GOTTA KNOW THIS IS FOR REAL," WOLF said and punched the muscle boi hard in his unprotected 'roid gut to emphasize his point.

BO screamed into his gag and writhed more fiercely than he had any time in the last hour as he struggled to protect his vulnerable body. His eyes teared uncontrollably inside his hood and he fought to regain control his breathing through the cruel leather gag. FRACK that hurt!

WOLF stepped back for a moment to consider HOODER's setup. He cupped an elbow in the palm of the other hand and stroked his chin. "Yah. That's a good start you got goin' here, bud. Looks like you've got this boi all set up nice and tight for me, don't cha? But he's getting' off WAAAAY too easy in the tittie department."

"What's this? A twink toy?" he asked, pointing at one of the yellow suction cups biting into BO's hugely swollen nipples. He slapped at one of the offending rubber cups, which popped off under the assault and spun across the room before it disappeared somewhere under the bed. BO tried to yell at the sharp pain that coursed through his chest, but could only summon a leather-stifled grunt. WOLF chuckled and slapped off the other cylinder too. He grabbed the boi's VACUUM BLOATED MANTITS and squeezed the abused flesh as hard as he could. BO howled into his gag in protest to no affect. WOLF ignored his muffled pleas to stop and now twisted the bound boi's tits as hard as he could.

"DAMN YOU GOT LONG HARD TITTIES THERE, BOI," WOLF exclaimed as he squeezed the boi's PINK FLESHY KNOBS even harder, tugging them down and away from his round muscular pecs like they were cows' dugs.

"LET'S TRY OUT THESE LITTLE BEAUTIES, SHALL WE?" he said, reaching into a zippered pocked and pulling out a pair of nasty metal alligator clamps with vicious little teeth meant to bite into tender nipple flesh and hold fast.

BO screamed as he felt first one, then the other cruel alligator clamp chew into his abused tit flesh. The bound worm REALLY screamed as he felt the cruel tiny alligator teeth sink into his flesh, drawing little beads of blood all along his THUMB-THICK ABUSED NIPS and begged WOLF to stop as best he could through the gag.

Why didn't HOODER help him, he wondered? Wasn't HOODER on his side? He couldn't know for sure, but it seemed to him that all HOODER had done since WOLF showed up was try to hold him in place and press against his ass. BO suddenly felt faint, both from the pain and from the dawning realization that nobody in the room was on his side.

The sound of BO's MUFFLED AGONY made WOLF hard again, bloating his leather codpiece with his BLOOD ENGORGED COP CLUB. He looked at the floor to ceiling mirror on the far wall and liked what he saw – a LEATHER UNIFORMED COP stared back at him from across the room, anonymous in the shadow of his BLACK LEATHER MUIR CAP. A leather-hooded sweat-shiny muscle boi bowed severely before him, his tits dripping metal and blood, his tiny manhood cupped in a lycra pouch.

And behind the bound muscle boi, another HOODED LEATHER COP - his posse - held the bound leather boi in place.

WOLF reveled in this manifestation of his control over a giant muscle man, this bound body builder locked by his ropes into a humiliating pose of worship before him. A GAGGED AND TREMBLING ACOLYTE forced to bow before a DOMINANT LEATHER BULL GOD like some carving in an ancient pagan temple.

WOLF got right in the sub's face, spitting, and jabbed the weapon in the sub's temple: "BIG WOLF MAN gonna fukk you up, worm. Don't impress ME with ya big tits boi". WOLF flexed his own respectable, shirt bustin' 17" bi's in the musclesub's face.

"Look at that - REAL PRIME BEEF, boi. Not puffed up 'roid muscle".

"S'RIGHT, BOi!" HOODER agreed.

BO squirmed more. HOODER plugging his ass with that buttplug was as far as BO thought he could go, but his dripping cock was telling him otherwise.

WOLF positioned himself in front of BO's face, unbuckled the strap behind BO's head and pulled the gag out of his mouth and tossed it to the floor. It landed with a thud and bounced into a corner. A long string of spittle dribbled down the abused boi's chin.

"Please no more. Please. Stop," BO begged desperately now that he could speak again.

Wrong thing to say HOODER thought from his position behind BO's invaded ass, from which he had easy access to BO's alligator clamps. Whining's only gonna' make WOLF eager for more. He applied random pressure to the cruel metal torture devices, sometimes gentle, sometimes hard, so that BO never had a chance to get used to the pressure and was forced to be constantly aware that he had no control over the pain he felt in his chest.

Giving over control when you want to isn't a big deal, HOODER thought. Giving it up when you don't want to is another story entirely – and extremely erotic. Like the saying goes, it's only bondage when you want out – and it's only control when you don’t want to be controlled. You're only really in control when you know the bottom doesn't want it any more and still takes it. That's NATURAL ALPHA MALE BEHAVIOUR.

Sure enough, HOODER could see WOLF' chest puff up a little hearing the muscle bottom beg and squeal for an end to the 'Bad Cop' portion of the Good Cop-Bad Cop game. It wasn't gonna happen, he was sure.

Frack that," WOLF shouted. You're gonna take it. TAKE IT!, he shouted into BO's face, slapping him on the side of the head with his pistol once again to make his point.

"IF I HEAR ANOTHER PEEP OUTTA YOU BOI, I'M GONNA TURN YOU INTO LITTLE BO PEEP, YOU GOT THAT, WORM?" he shouted into BO's ear while he pitilessly squeezed the boi's lycra imprisoned cock and balls. He then looked up at HOODER to see if he caught the little joke. HOODER cracked the smallest possible smile to let WOLF know that he got the bad pun and resumed his play with BO's alligator clamps, pulling them down hard so that his nipples were forced out and away from his chest.

BO went silent at the threat and tried not to move an inch no easy feat given the pain he felt in his chest.

"THAT'S BETTER, WORM. THAT"S WHAT I WANNA SEE," WOLF said while he patronizingly patted the unmoving boi on the head. "Good boi."

"You got any oil in that bag?" WOLF asked his leather partner.

HOODER let go the clamps, which caused BO's abused tits to snap back up against his chest and abandoned his rear position. He rummaged through the bag he'd earlier thrown on the bed and pulled out a clear bottle of posing oil. He tossed the plastic bottle to WOLF who deftly caught it in one hand.

WOLF snapped open the cap and generously drizzled thick posing oil over the bound boi's back and legs, then used his gloves to work the oil all over the boi until it coated his white marble flesh like a second skin. Rivulets ran down the bondage worm's flesh and dribbled onto the mat beneath him, made him shiny in the overhead spots. His oiled flesh almost seemed to sparkle as he breathed in and out.

Boss admired his handiwork. Damn, he looks good enough to carve up with a steak knife and eat, he thought. A bottom pressed between two beefy tops - a LEATHERCOP SANDWHICH.

This was gonna' make some web worshippers hot and bothered, either 'cause they wanted to be the COP SANDWICH filling, or dreamed of filling a pair of the BIG LEATHER COP BOOTS that surrounded the ROPE BOUND BEEF front and back. SUCCULETN, HARD MAN-BEEF trussed up like a Sunday roast.

That's one hot frakker, WOLF said to himself , but he's never gonna hear that from me.

He punched the bound oiled boi in his 'roid bloated belly again just because he could. BO groaned, but knew better now than to beg WOLF to stop.

Good move, HOODER thought.

In a single motion, WOLF brutally thrust his VEINED ROCK HARD NIGHT STICK into BO's mouth.

"Your turn," WOLF said to HOODER, who took his cue from his partner, unzipped his breeches and freed his hungry manhood. He carefully dislodged the nasty bulbous latex butt plug that had been lodged in BO's manhole all evening and quickly filled the slippery void with his own BLOOD ENGORGED MEAT, planting his fat cop sausage deep in BO's pale ass.

WOLF continued to ride his manhood on BO's mouth and watched the action reflected in the room's mirrors. TWO ANNONYMOUS LEATHERCOPS - one TOTALLY ENCASED IN LEATHER, the other CAPPED, MASSIVELY UNIFORMED AND BOOTED, LIGHTED BY THE SOFT GLOW OF HIS 'GAR - being serviced by a SUBJUGATED MASSIVE BODY BUILDER turned VIC.

He sucked fiercely on the remnants of his stogie as he watched, and felt the warm mouth go up and down on his manhood. Two ARROGANT ROIDED LEATHERCOPS BONDING OVER A NEAR NAKED 'ROIDED BOTTOM. GLORYING IN THEIR POWER OVER HIS MOUTH AND UNRESISTING WORM HOLE.

WOLF felt the sperm rise up from his balls and begin to build to a climax. He bit down hard on the butt of the Casablanca as the pressure mounted in his balls and grunted in anticipation of the coming climax. He looked over the broad, oil glistened back of the bowed body between them into the eyes of his partner in the leather mask and saw that he too was about to shoot his wad into the boi's stretched out ass.

They'd turned this once independent body builder into a multipurpose sex partner - a third sex neither male nor female- just a tool for sex shared between two tops. WOLF grabbed a handful of BO's leather hood in both gloves and pulled the sub's leather covered skull further onto his shaft as the climax rose up in him.


With a final thrust WOLF threw back his head and roared when the powerful climax washed over him. A massive wave of sperm shot out of his RIGID BLOOD-ENGOURGED MANMEAT and into BO's mouth, overloading the boi's limit and causing the overflow to shoot out his nose and splash to the floor.

While BO coughed and sputtered trying to breath again after WOLF' testosterone tsunami, he felt HOODER shoot his load into the bois well-lubed ass, filling his butt with HOT LEATHERCOP JUICE too.

At the same time on the Duty Desk, SARGE watched the upstairs jizm fest from six different angles on six different monitors and shot his wad of jizm into a fuck towel already nasty with previous loads from tonight. He kept a towel like this under the desk for just such purposes. If you like to watch, then this was the perfect job, and SARGE LOVED to watch. He'd take Desk Duty any time, even if they didn't pay him to do it just for these fringe benefits.

"RIGHT ON, BRO!" WOLF shouted into the air as he pulled out of the sub's dripping skull, and HOODER slapped BO's ass approvingly. He grabbed a white fuck towel from the shelf beside the bed and wiped down his lube and jizm slick meat.

But WOLF wasn't finished yet. After all, HOODER'd had the boi all to himself for almost an hour already, and WOLF had just arrived.

"Take a seat and watch a REAL MAN break one in," WOLF said with a smile.

Gonna have to REALLY impress me WOLFMAN", HOODER laughed, kicking back in the leather throne as he lit a Hoyo de Monterey. Sucking on the large-gauge cigar, HOODER slowly stroked his eight-incher. "Already buttfukked the pig. Watcha got bigger than that black-cock butt-plug?"

As he said it HOODER already knew the answer, as he'd seen it all before. WOLF ripped off the lycra mini-posers, revealing BO's rigid, dripping boi-dick. He rubbed a leather gauntlet over the muscle boi's hard dick and gave the balls a tug or two, then reached for his Sam Brown belt and re-holstered his weapon. He used his thumb to flip open a clasp on the belt so that he could slide out a metre-long, black metal nightstick, custom-made from steel to look like a regulation-issue PR24 Prosecutor.

"SUCK IT UP BOI". WOLF growled, showing the freaking sub the long black metal weapon. "You want this." It was a statement, not a question. The POWERLESS BOUND MEAT PUPPET mumbled something indistinct.

"WADDYA SAY? YOU WANT THIS UP YOUR BOI HOLE?" WOLF shouted, cupping his gauntlet against his ear pretending not to understand. "HERE IT COMES, WORM..."

With one slow strong stroke WOLF forced the cop steel into the pre-lubed musclecunt, and banged the muscleboi's G-spot The helpless muscleslave. shot its first 'roid-load of jizm in a matter of seconds.

WOLF continued to stick-fuck the sub with increasingly harder and harder strokes, forcing the cruel night stick deeper in his entrails until the sub moaned again and shot a second extremely painful fuck load only minutes after the first.

"WHOA!" HOODER exclaimed, reaching forward in the chair and giving WOLF a hi-five. "NICE WORK!"

"Ain't seen nuthin' yet bro," WOLF said with a smile and reached up the side of the wall nearest him for a mean-looking crocodile clip with a lead attached to it. He expertly clipped it to the side of the metal night stick, half buried in BO's butt.

"GONNA BE FIREWORKS NOW, BOI," he laughed, and flicked a switch, sending AC current through the metal cop weapon, straight into the sub's G-spot. The helpless musclesub spasmed, flexing all its muscles at once, gurning with the shock and shooting jizm.

HOODER stroked his cock hard watching the artificial muscleflex show.

"You like that bro - wanna see it again?" boomed WOLF, flicking the switch. This time BO's jizm flew across the room and onto HOODER's boots.

"FUCKIN' A!" high-fived HOODER again.

It had been a pretty good first installment with this boi, and who knew? If things went well, maybe there'd be one or two more kicks and this can before dawn. "Wanna break for a cold one?" HOODER suggested to his bud, clapping him on the shoulder as he sealed his DRAINED COP HOSE back into his leathers and headed for the door.

He shut off the lights and closed the door behind them, leaving the bound and hooded muscle vic in total darkness, still bent over nearly double in his rope bindings, a black metal nightstick protruding from his ass, dribbling their juices from most of his holes and fearful of what else the Cellblock had in store for him.


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