Thursday, July 15, 2010

Top Conversion

A thick-set man, faceless under a peaked cap,  head-to-boots in glistening black leather swaggered through the rain down the deserted  side-street towards a unnamed doorway. Barging wide  shoulders through the doors of the bar, a broad figure casts a wide shadow in the dim light. Heads turn as Sarge WOLF, in full Langlitz Highway Patrol Uniform, filled the doorway, brutal boots slowly crunching on the floorboards, his thick leather uniform creaking with every stride.  

SARGE WOLF was making a rare excursion to a leatherbar, which had long ceased to offer the kind of action that The Cellblock's uniformed empire entitled him to. SARGE WOLF however enjoyed a good civilian shakedown as much as any cop, and raping newbies in a public setting still gave him some sport. As he approached the counter inside, a photographer for the local fag paper recognised the hallowed Cellblock decal on WOLF's decal and nervously approached HIM.

"M...May I take a picture, p..please S..Sir?" he said, nervously, with hushed desire. 

"Just the one, boi" growled WOLF. 

Realising the whole bar turned as the camera flashed, WOLF smiled, enjoying the worship and celebrity.

"C..Could you raise your gauntlets higher" said the fag, making its fetish obvious.  WOLF, knowing the whole bar was watching, punched his gauntleted fists into each other with slow menace, ready to inflict violence.  A natural pose for HIM.... 

"Oh, oh man, that's good" moaned the fag.  As WOLF walked away, it took another pic. WOLF shouted back - "I should charge you extra for that boi". Seeing WOLF as the centre of attention, various leathermen and buds came up to HIM - PRO, E, and D.  As WOLF was talking with his fellow leather teamsters, his eyes surveyed his domain.  WOLF noticed a couple of leathermen slipping through the firedoor at the back of the darkroom... 

"Gonna check out what's goin on through there".  As the two Langlitzed men cleared a path through the darkroom, they squeezed their shoulders through the door, which opened into a dimly-lit gar bar, empty except for a few leathermen sitting on low benches enjoying an illegal smoke. 

"Fuckin A!  Gonna enjoy a gar now buddy" said WOLF, taking out a Hoyo de Monterey from his Langlitz jacket and sparking up a big, dark toxic smoke. . The other men stared, worried WOLF's man-size smoke  might give the game away.  WOLF said loudly - "Hey, who's gonna arrest us in here - the Cops!?!!"

The room was painted black, with large silver-framed mirrors, and a passage up some stairs roped off to the deserted club. "

This gonna make a great fuckin' room" said WOLF.  Various cigar subs, bootfags and worshippers all stared as WOLF stood in front of one of the large mirrors, testosterone rising as he enjoyed his reflection lit up by the glowing Magnum. 

PRO had left to get back to the bar leaving WOLF standing proud and cocksure, enjoying the worship of the quiet secret crowd.  WOLF's cod was filling with bloated cock-meat as he absorbed the lust and power he took  from the crowd. 

As WOLF checked out the room to see where was the best fuck-station, a leatherman walked through the fire doors, in the same cop decal as WOLF: Muir cap, striped breeches, stiff gauntlets, Chippewas and Langlitz Highway Cop jacket.  The cop's face lit up as he approached WOLF, who realized as he got closer it was actually cigar SUB, W, who had been messaging  the WOLF earlier online - "missing the cigar smoke of the WOLFMAN".  WOLF wasn't taken in by the sub's appearance, even if it was in homage to THE WOLFMAN "

Hey WOLF its great to see ya" beamed W, "and GREAT to see ya smokin again!" . WOLF was not used to being spoken to as an equal by a sub. 

"Wouldn't take long, BOI" barked WOLF. 

WOLF smirked.  He knew how it was gonna go down. 

"May I have share your gar?" asked W. 

WOLF laughed, knowing this pretence of camaraderie would be over soon.  This sub would be taking COP COCK before it knew what was happening. 

"Sure, boi" said WOLF as he blew smoke into the sub's mouth and not passing the cigar to the undeserving sub. 

"Oh, man I've missed that..." moaned the sub, drawing the breath, eyes rolling... 

WOLF suddenly pinned the sub against the empty counter, pushing his heavy leathered torso against the sub, and kicked  its legs apart with his Dehners. WOLF started to fuck the sub in the crotch with HIS now bursting cod, with slow hard strokes.  The bar was beginning to know what was what.  And who was BOSS... 

WOLF smiled with self-satisfaction at how quick this top-conversation was gonna take.  Then the inevitable question came; -  "WOLF, can I suck your cock here SIR".

W reached down to the leather pouch; as the cod fell away WOLF's cock dropped heavily onto the leather of the sub’s cupped gauntlets.

The whole bar watched ready to see WOLF again take was rightly his – dominating another willing victim.

“Not here boi”.  WOLF had his eye on the dark passage leaning away from the bar and up the dark stairs.  Holding his now engorged weapon in his gauntlet, WOLF walked the sub through the smoky room up some steps and behind the roped-off passage round a wall into the deserted stairwell.  W followed.  All knew the score, and who was BOSS: WOLF.

HE was now standing round the corner in front of another large mirror.  WOLF pointed down to HIS boots: W dropped straight to its knees and swallowed the WOLFCOCK filling the pussythroat right down into the neck.  WOLF took great pleasure in admiring the powerful image in the mirror, HIM dominating and facefucking a fully-leathered cop sub.  At this sight, WOLF instantly shot hot jizz into the pussymouth, grunting through gritted teeth chewing on the still glowing gar.  The leather cop at HIS boots, now sub, swallowed the full, roided load, as WOLF pushed the muir-capped skull with one gauntlet fully down to the cock-base.  WOLF pulled the sub’s skull off his weapon, as he continued to jizz in the sub;s face, down its jacket and onto HIS boots and onto the floor.   Looking up with awe, the sub greedily licked the cum of WOLF’s boot, and up and down the veined shaft of the still shooting meatpole.

You know who is BOSS now boi.: WOLF”.


“Ready to blow me in front of the whole bar now boi?”


“Bend over, and spit-roast by WOLF and his buds?”

“Oh please SIR WOLF SIR”.

“Pimped out for my beer money boi?"

“Arrgh…” moaned the sub as it shot its load through WOLF's gauntlet jacking its tool and splashing onto its boots and the cigar ash on the floor.

“SIR, I want to be your boi, by your side as your boi anytime you want it, SIR”, pleaded the sub.

“And don’t you forget it boi” growled WOLF. 

WOLF turned the corner, cramming HIS still-hard member back into the tight cod, W following behind its MASTER for all to see, as they both walked slowly down the steps, WOLF grinning through his cigar smoke.

WOLF sent W off to get some beers.  WOLF laughed to himself, grinning with self-satisfaction as he looked back to see in the mirror up the stairs, his cum and and cigar ash on the floor.  All watched as W came back with the beers.

“Take a look back there, boi.  Notice anything you recognise?”  said WOLF nodding his Muir cap in the direction of the stairs.

The sub looked back and saw the mirror, the chair in the passage and the white cum and ash on the passage floor.“Aw fuck.  Guess my secret’s out”.

“Boi, you’re fuckin lucky to have the honour.” barked WOLF



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