Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bo 03

BO looked at his reflection in the mirror on the opposite wall, recognizing his body but not his face because of the tight leather executioner's hood. A stranger looked back at him. A leather hooded stranger wearing an intricate rope harness that crisscrossed his traps, pecs and lats, a clinging black lycra thong and polished lace-up boots.

HOODER licked the inside of two thick yellow nipple cups and planted them on BO's DRUG-SWOLLEN NIPPLES. The boi squirmed a little as he felt the first kiss of suction biting on his HYERSENSITIVE MANTITS like an eager lover. A small moan of pleasure escaped his lips, letting HOODER know he was doing something right.

"YOU LIKE THAT? GET USED TO IT SUKKA. YOU'RE GONNA HAVE FREAKY HUN GYNO DUGS HANGIN' OFF YOUR GYMBOOBS TONIGHT," he exclaimed. Yah, BIG FRIGGIN COW UDDERS on your BULLPEX, boi." He squeezed one of the yellow snakebite cups so that it bit more deeply into BO's GYNO SWOLLEN NIPPLE. BO moaned louder and leaned into the increased suction.

Oh yah, this bottom was into it, HOODER thought. He squeezed both snakebite cups several times to seat them in place as solidly as possible, then took several lengths of rope from the bed and dropped all except one at the side of the wooden frame.

He unwound the rope bundle in his hand as he walked behind the booted boy and secured his two wrists together by repeatedly wrapping the rope in a figure eight pattern before knotting off the wrist binding and letting the ends trail down to the floor. HOODER noticed that BO's dick had started to swell inside the lycra pouch and he knew that things were going just fine inside BO's head.

He unbundled another length of rope and secured first one of BO's Paratrooper's Corcoran to the bottom of one of the wooden uprights, drew the rope between the boi's legs, wrapped it several times around the other Corcoran and secured that leg to the opposite frame. BO's legs were now secured almost three feet apart and he wasn't going anywhere under his own steam from this point on without outside help. His hands were knotted together behind his back and his feet were planted wide apart and tied to a wooden frame secured to the floor.

HOODER next wrapped a length of rope around BO's left knee, pulled it tightly against the wooden upright, then wrapped rope around both the knee and upright multiple times, then tied it off before crossing over to the right knee and repeating the process. Now there were ropes at both ankle and knee and two taut lines connecting the left and right side. BO writhed a little in his rising bondage, feeling the pressure of the rope through his boot leather and on the flesh of his knees, and sensing the growing restriction the rope was creating. He could almost feel the power flowing out of him and into HOODER, the surrender of his will to another man's will. If felt good. Very good, and he longed for more. He wanted HOODER to take total control, fix him completely to the wooden frame and keep him tied up like this forever. He longed for more and harder restraint. His pulse started to race, his breathing came quicker and he could feel his prick pressing against the clinging lycra fabric, cradling his cock and balls like a hand. Man, this was hot!

HOODER next wrapped BO's shaved muscle thighs to the wooden frame. This was a little harder to do and forced the novice bondage pig into a slightly awkward semi seated position. Three rounds of rope now climbed the sides of each upright, and crossed in front of BO's body. He was becoming ensnared like a fly in a spider web.

The next phase of BO's bondage was a little more challenging, both for HOODER to set up and BO to endure. HOODER wrapped lengths of rope around BO' elbows and pulled them tightly together. HOODER knew this was a difficult position to endure, but it was an important part of the look he was going for. He now took up the two trailing lengths of rope from BO's wrists and tossed the ends up and over the top of the wooden frame. He then cautiously pulled the rope down tighter and tighter, forcing BO into an extremely awkward position as his arms rose higher and higher. The knotted wrists and elbows forced BO to lower his head by an equal, so that when his arms were finally extended as high as HOODER could force them, BO's head was bent over nearly to the level of his waist. This was called strappado, and in HOODER's books it was just about the hottest bondage position in the world. Combined with the knee and thigh bondage, BO was now forced into a position that thrust out his ass like a cow in heat while at the same time pressing his head down to crotch level, almost as though someone had put hands on the back of his head and shoved him into this subservient posture. Another length of rope bound BO's neck to his knees. A few more lengths of rope under and over his shoulders forced BO into even greater immobility, preventing him from wriggling in any direction at all. HOODER stepped back to admire his handiwork. BO looked good, very good.

The bound BB reminded HOODER of the statue of Winged Victory. Pure marble-white flesh, apparently armless because both were hidden behind BO's broad back, and several lengths of rope almost shaping Victory's wings as they wound to and from his shoulders to the wooden frame. HOODER hoped this was all being recorded downstairs. He wanted to view his handiwork again and linger over it from several different angles. This tape was going to be a hot seller he was sure.

Meanwhile, BO sweated fiercely inside his leather hood. Holding this extreme posture was more difficult than he'd expected, but he wanted to take it to prove to himself – and to HOODER - that he could. A moan escaped his lips. It was both an expression of pleasure – and pain, He wasn't at all sure if he could endure this position for very long, but didn't know if he had any choice. He moaned again, longer and more pathetically.

"We'll have no more of that, he heard HOODER say, and the next thing he knew the LEATHERCOP was shoving a gag into his mouth. It was hard and tasted of leather. It tasted good. The gag forced its way deep into his mouth and pressed down his tongue. Even if he wanted to he couldn't make more than a muffled grunt any more. He could feel HOODER doing something behind his head. Fastening the buckle into place and locking the leather gag in his mouth.

HOODER put the gag on now so there'd be no complaints about what was coming next. He took off his gloves and lubed up a BULBOUS BLACK BUTT PLUG and then maneuvered behind BO's protruding naked muscle butt, a position that made it look like the beefy boi was begging for it, begging to be plugged.

So HOODER obliged and shoved the BLACK LATEX PIG into BO's unprotected butthole, slowly forcing it in until it popped into place when the narrow neck sunk home and locked the plug into the 'ROIDED ROPED BONDAGE BOTTOM who was forced to writhe and moan as he fought this oversized invasion. But the PIG HOLE MAKER was too big and the neck too narrow to be forced out no matter how much BO resisted. All he could do was take it, and struggle what little he could against the unforgiving limits of his CRUEL ROPE BONDS.

HOODER pressed his Langlitz breeches into BO's ass, rubbing against the plug's base, and leaned forward to grasp the rubber suction cups on BO's nipple. He squeezed them so they bit even more deeply into BO's tender tits, then popped the right one off, eliciting another groan from BO. He licked the inside of the little rubber tube to lubricate it some more and forced it back on to the much enlarged vacuum-swollen gyno tit. He repeated the process on the left nipple, then sat down in the leather chair and watched the HUMILIATED ROPE-BOUND BEEF writhe and moan through its leather gag and shake its leather-covered head from side to side, almost the only motion it could make.

Inside the hood, BO reveled in his captivity and humiliation, the pain in his stretched muscles, mouth, ass and tits. His sense of COMPLETE SUBJUGATION. His LOSS OF CONTROL. His TOTAL POWERLESSNESS.

Downstairs, WOLF was bored. "That's it? That's all you gonna do with that prime cut of beef? Christ on a stick, whatta wuss!" and slapped his thick leathered thigh in frustration.

As if he heard his bud's thoughts, HOODER called out to the ceiling: "You can come up now" knowing that his words were being picked up and transmitted to the LEATHERCOPS downstairs.

"Finally! He said and shoved boi 27 away with his boot. The MUSCLE-BOUND boi fell over backwards onto his broad back, landing with an 'oomph' of escaped air, but he didn't dare complain. He was honoured that WOLF paid him any attention at all, and was happy to have been chosen to serve this ARROGANT LEATHER COP. It was the highlight of his night and one he'd be beating off to home alone remembering for weeks to come.

WOLF then made him lick the bottom of his shiny black Dehner just because he could, then got up from his leather director's chair and ordered the boi back down into the cellblock with the other CELLMATES.

While WOLF worked his way up to the third floor, HOODER leaned in close to the side of BO's hood. "OK the easy part is over now, BO," he confided in a low voice which he didn't think would be picked up by the microphones. "Ever heard the saying there's no such thing as a free lunch? Well, you can take that to the bank buddy. You're gonna earn your night's stay here now."

He leaned in even closer and whispered that if things went well for the rest of the night he'd put the bound bottom in touch with Chemical Ali. (The man's real name was Ed, but everybody here called him Chemical Ali because of the vast array of pharmaceuticals and shit he could get his hands on.) This was incentive enough for BO and he resolved to do everything he could to please both HOODER and the new LEATHERCOP they were expecting momentarily. He moaned enthusiastically to indicate assent.

"You're gonna have to do more than moan now, boi. WOLF isn't as easily amused as I am. I'm happy just to watch you struggle in these bonds, but you're going to have to earn your keep for him. "


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