Saturday, April 23, 2011



"Right, Yinori, whadya got for us?" CHIEF barked.



CHIEF enjoyed a subskull, a Martinez Methuselah and a Laphroaig in the Mess Room, observing an interrogation on the security TV with Sarge Wolf. It was good for the morale of the station, AND his popularity with his subordinates, to spend some time enjoying live cop porn with his command.

"This skullsub ain't as good as my Fleshlight" grunted WOLF, booting the kneeling slave over onto its back. WOLF signalled with his gauntlet to the duty Mess Duty Cadet: "Throw this one back in the cooler. And get one with a BIGGER throat".

CHIEF blew a lungful of stogie on the face of his personal cocksucker, one of his specially trained sword-swallowers. "Been wanting to get into the Fleshlight business and make some big cash".

WOLF was glad Chief had taken the hint, and continued. "I've been workin on a better idea that could make us a whole lotta money. You know we got a Yakuza Sarge from outta town stayin in hiding at the Block? He owes us BIG time... Well we've set up a little side-line with the help of his Yakuza Captain and his gym buds in Tokyo...

"One of the pimps I'm squeezin's got a great racket importin 'Love Dolls'. You heard of 'em?"

"What the fukk are they?"

"What loser wierdos buy when they can't get real pussy."

"What, like a fukkin blow up doll?"

"Yeah, but made of solid silicon - with real hair - talkin too. Even pussys that massage ya cock. Like one big fleshlight with tits attached! Which is what got me thinkin..."



Yinori nervously presented the intimidating cops with the samples. He had been told to follow their instructions by the Yakuza Captain he owed money to, and had brought as many pieces he could get on the plane without alerting suspicion. But he wasn't quite ready for the nature of the order he was about to receive. Or the terms of the discount.

"I require a meat puppet like THIS" Sarge WOLF started, showing a morphed shot on the CCTV screen of his favourite fuck pup and jakk-off material Jeff Long.

Yinori was amazed. He wasn't expecting to make guy dolls, and wasn't sure he had moulds big enough for all the latex needed.

Quickly thinking on his feet, out of sheer fear Yinori spluttered:, "I don't know where I can get anyone that big to cast a body mould like that in Japan".

"Thought you might say that - contact FLEX's bud Yamamoto - and then add some!"

"And this is what I require" Sarge Dehner interrupted, showing a favourite morfed shot of a bronzed Art Attwood, with pendulous beef boobs flexing a tit-roll. "And I want it with permanent posing oil. AND I want it to talk. Or rather beg HEHE".

"Right show us the pussies".

Yamamoto unpacked some prosthetic cnts - set in a latex pair of hops. "WHOA, let me try THAT for size" hooted WOLF always up for fukking any thing moves. Yinori was horrified when the big cop pulled a massive pumped cock in front of the other, oblivious men in the room, and started banging the pussy. Normally his clients use one finger to discretely try the prosthetic for size.

"Not THAT hole, dumbass, barked CHIEF at WOLF, whose cock had by now ripped the delicate pussy apart. "We meant the back pussy Yinori. And a LOT stronger than this. Show us some ass."

Yinori only had one, for his more perveted Japanese clientele. It was woefully small.

"Hell, I'll have a front and back pussy - 'cos I ain"t sukkin its cock HEHE".

..."And I want the ass to move, capisch? Like a massage chair on my cock".

..."And make mine flame retardant so I can, ya know, do a little cigar play..."

Yinori was bombarded with requests.

"Look Yinori, just measure us up, and get started. Six weeks enough?". CHIEF grabbed the confused puppeteer's tape measure, and whipped out his meat. "10 by 7. WOLF? Quit horsing around..."

"9 by 7"...

"9 and a half by 6"

YInori was horrified and intimidated, surrounded by the American musclecops, with the cocks, showin off.."

"Lookin forward to keepin Jeff Long in the Hummer trunk for those long journeys when ya need a good fleshlight jakk in the layby. Got me a livin doll I can fukk over the hood"

"That'll stop the traffic bud HEHE!"



23 was lying silently in the dark, strung up between the two muscle dolls. All three were in their slings, hanging like meat in a butcher's cold storage. The meat-puppets, plugged into the mains supply, were charging their batteries.

Suddenly they both started randomly running their ass fuck programming, babbling louder and louder like sex-demented dummies.

..."SIR YES SIR fuck my cunt harder oh man punch this ass oh FUCK Sir"

"Drill this ass SARGE SIR thanks for not giving up on me Cop Sir AWWW FFFFFUCKK man fuck this cunt COP..."

Both robots begged, moaned and shouted louder and louder. 23 already ram-hard again, was dripping cock juice. Mind-fucked by sex, brainwashed by the authority, muscle and leather of the Officers, 23 realised he could hear himself moaning and begging along with the other muscle drones, as his humanity slowly ebbed away...

Suddenly No.6 starting twitching next to him. 23 freaked out as the brainless meat puppets, yelling praise to their absent Cop owners, starting shooting their Master's cum collected stored in their asses.

As did 23, now the perfect meat puppet alongside the others owned by its Sarge, SARGE WOLF.

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