Friday, April 22, 2011

Meat Puppet: Part 1

Sarge WOLF booted the cell door open, and pointed with his thumb for the young bodybuilder to enter the prison cell. Nervous, but already hard under its tiny posers, the muscleboy, or "23" as it had been branded, stepped into the smokey darkness.

WOLF had sourced the vic from one of the replies to Sarge D's muscleslave ads placed discretely in the gym bags of likely-looking muscle men in gyms round the city. The SM-curious, Cop-curious novice replied back to the card, enclosing impressive competition placings and pics. And when the muscleboi reported to Sarge Bullitt at the Duty desk, wearing the required wife-beater, cycle shorts, competition tan and Corcorans to travel to the 'Block, WOLF could see the rookie hadn't been lying. His stats were impressive - 220 off-season on a compact 5'8" frame. More importantly, he trained in Jeff Long's gym, and had a passing resemblance to SARGE WOLF's favourite muscleboi-jakk-off pin-up.

The sub could see the black glint of the leather mass of another uniformed Officer moving in the shadows. The gold trim of an Officer cap was picked out by the single bare bulb above the uniformed Officer, his broad Langlitzed shoulders towering above a sling, the glowing nub of a large toxic cigar jutting out in front.

Through the blue haze, 23 could make out a muscular skinhead below lying back in a sling, with the Officer's gauntlets gripping the sling's hanging chains as he raped its mouth. 23 was already tenting his posers.

As 23 moved into the cell he peered in the dark to the right. What he saw made him even harder: another bodybuilder was strapped into an upright sling, blindfolded and ball-gagged. This muscleman was hot - stocky and incredibly muscular - at least 300 but shorter than 23, with a tiny waist, perfect 8-pack, fat 24 inch bis and mammoth 36 quads.

And in between the two slings, there was an emtpy sling equipped with handcuffs. Ready for 23.

23 felt a heavy gauntlet on its shoulder: "You got some competition, and we got some catchin up to do with Sarge Dehner, boi. Now KNEEL" ordered WOLF, shoving the sub's head down to his cop boots.

"Then you gonna get - nnrrrrrurgh - ROASTED, punk" growled the other Leatherr Cop through cigar-gritted teeth, as he violently rammed his pumped 9 inches, tip to base, down the skinhead's thick neck. The skinslave barely moved, only mumbling loudly through the cockmeat filling its mouth. "We gotta a lotta meat to roast here, WOLF - balls' fukkin burstin". 23 was terrified. And gagging to be owned.

The Leather Officer walked up to the hogtied musclelsave, and took off the leather blindfold. 23 was amazed to see the immobile gagged hulk was even younger than him: fresh-faced, thick-necked with perfect, all-over competition-tanned skin, and tiny leather posers.

SARGE WOLF turned round to 23 and stared down on the kneeling sub. "You got some beef boi, but you got what it takes to take cop cock like them?". "SIR YES SIR!" barked 23 who by now was desperate for Sarge Wolf's cock in any hole.

Sarge turned round to the sling and suddenly gut-punched the muscleslave in its perfect abs with the dull thud of a leather gauntlet on meat. The sub barely moved except for its clear bright blue eyes slowly rolling back in ectasy. As if on cue, started mumbling loudly through the gag.

The LeatherOfficer lowered the sling down, raising the musclesub's legs up high, to reveal perfect ripped glutes slowly twitching rhythmically, hungry for breeding. Sarge lent down and reaching with his leather-uniformed arm to take off the sub's ballgag. "Look and learn boi". 23 could not take his eyes off, as WOLF unsheathed a hard nine-incher from his cod.

In one thrust WOLF poled the sub's cunt. On contact with the meatweapon the sub shouted out "Sir, Thank you BOSS SIR!" begging louder and louder with every thrust. 23 could not believe WOLF's brutal rape, straight into the muscle hole without any lube. 23's own hole was itching to be filled.

WOLF unsheathed roughly from the hole and strode up to the kneeling sub, 9 inches jutting out above 23 head. 23 stared up at the cop cock towering above - and felt his mouth involuntarily open, and saliva fill his throat.

"UP!" WOLF barked. 23 scrambled to its feet. Before he could take a breath WOLF grabbed the slave by the arm and in a fireman's lift slung it over his broad Langlitzed shoulder, turned round and threw it in the sling. WOLF ripped off the posers and before the sub could brace its hole, spat cigar-spit on his gauntlet and rammed two leathered knuckles up the virgin ass.

"AWW MAN!" Moaned the rookie, as the Officer finger fucked the twitching hungry hole.


"SIR YES SIR - fukk this FFFFUUUKKKK!!!!!!", the sub screamed as WOLF poled the virgin cunt with his 9 incher before it could finish begging. The sub moaned in painful ectasy.

"You want MORE boi. YEAH???"

"SIR YES SI...nnnggllllll" the sub mumbled, as the other Cop had quickly unsheathed from the skinhead to fill 23's pussymouth.

"WHOA - Nice work, dawg" hooted Sarge Dehner, stretching out a gauntlet to high-five his Cop bud. "Ain't just a skull-hound then, Wolf!"

"You know it - you's doin the skullin and this cop's doin the polin!"

Sarge D unsheathed from 23's mouth and continued facefucking the dark-tanned skinhead. In between the searing thrusts 23 could see the skinhead next on his right was equally massive as the musclesub on 23's left. The skin had massive beef-boobs, and deep competition tan and heavy quads.

23 thought this guy looked like one of his muscle heroes Art Attwood.

Sarge Dehner lifted a gauntlet off the sling chain to his cigar and lowered the hot nub down to the massive skinhead's nip. For a quick painful moment the cigar sizzled on the engorged man-teat.

The skinhead didn't move a muscle.

WOLF unsheathed his inches from 23's ass, and with one step moved to the right and started banging the loud moaning Jeff Long lookalike to 23's left.

Suddenly the Leathercop stopped fukking the sub and reached down to pick up what looked like a slim electric cattle-prod. Sarge WOLF pushed the full 6" length of the metal spike it right into the side the sub's quad. The sub didn't move a muscle but 23 started to freak, writhing in the sling alongside.

"See your fukktoy needs some more gas. You fukked the life out of it bro!" The other Leathercop laughed.

23 realised that he'd been made to compete in an orgy with what must be some kind of electronic sex dummy.

"Gotta perform as good as these robots boi" barked WOLF as the two Cops carried on poling the muscledummies who moaned and begged like broken records to be fukked by their brutal owners


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