Sunday, November 07, 2010

Sarge D's BB tops

OK, yesterday you saw Sarge Wolf's list of most frakkable muscle bois - all of them spunk worthy for sure. Couple of Bro's were sittin' round the Officer's Mess today kidding Wolf about all the morphs he'd put in the list. It's not as if his picks weren't already mass monsters before they were pixilated! Man most of these guys are hot muscle freaks in real life.

Thought I'd post a list too, but it was pretty hard to narrow down the field to just ten. There's so many ways to make up a top ten list: what's the defining characteristic? Number of titles? Weight? Face? Cockiness? Frakkability? Spunk shot over them?

Here's my own list of most frackable spunkworthy bodybuilders, and none of the images are (to the best of my knowlege anyway) morphed.

No. 10 Larry Scott A LOT of boy scout sperm hit the sheets because of him back in the 60s.

No. 9 Roger Callard Muscle and Fitness hearthrob appeared in ads long after his competition days were over. Anybody up for a fist?

No. 8 Eddie Robinson Aww sweet baby-faced Eddie; what's not to love about this man?

No. 7 Paul Demayo 'Quadzilla' hit the mags like a storm. Mean lookin' face and monster thighs. No. 6 Bruce Patterson First saw this stud wanking his hose in fireman's gear, and only years later in posing trunks.

No. 5 Nasser el Sonbaty That face. That body. That belly. So meaty you want to use a fork, but use a spoon - you'll want to get every drop.

No. 4 Mike Matzaraso Can you say attitude? This beef monkey had it in spades. Hot bastard, and great showman. Red posing trunks too!

No.3 Tommi Thorvildsen The boi next door you wanna frakk all night. Doesn't hurt that the boi next door was cute as a button and built like a shit brickhouse. AND he's got an accent to boot!

No. 2 Jaraslov Horvath Intimidating looks, fantastic lines. Gives great attitude. Can easily imagine him in police gear.

No. 1 Art Atwood Longest continuous spunk partner in my life. DEFINITE muscle god material.

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