Saturday, August 28, 2010

Spider gag

Bound Gods makes an incredible spider gag with four unforgiving metal 'feet' welded to a captive O ring. It's a hot look, and extremely functional as the metal 'spider' feet press against the vic's face and secure the O ring in place. Between the tension of the strap holding the ring in place and the feet on the metal spider, the gag is impossible to push out. 

The spider gag's cruel metal feet prevent the ring from moving deeper inside his mouth, and the pressure of the feet may cause discomfort to the vic and limit his range of motion as he seeks to avoid additional discomfort or pain from the metal prongs. Cool.

Bound Gods offers FIERCE men in EXTREME bondage situations. Please visit Bound to see the spider gag in action.



  1. Hot ... no way out but to please

  2. Great clip, but what search did you use to turn it up? I never find the good stuff on X-tube. Would you consider adding the URL as well as the embedded clip?

  3. Pefect high & tight" circ. That's the way it should be,as it shows the nice colour difference between shaft skin and inner forseskin which has been turned around and joined with shaft skin.
    Too bad that only the U.S. docs can do it like this...
    If done early in youth (as baby), the dark Gomco scar would be
    more visible.

  4. is this from ?

  5. Found it on the web somewhere, but yah, it's boundgods