Sunday, June 12, 2011

Good Thug/Bad Thug Part I

For Sarge Dehner on the inauguration of his 30 hole Grinders

Dehner was getting ready to slip out of the Cellblock in the dead of night, swapping the PR24 for the bat, to ride down to Crack Alley to check out on one of his "business interests".

Dehner squeezed into his black Fred Perry, with yellow trim and bleachers, the muscle he had amassed since his street fighting years straining the fabric to impressive extremes. And the 30 hole Grinders; it felt good stamping their print on the back of a vic...

Sarge Dehner looked back on his skinhead days, stalking the backstreets in a skin gang, battling with the other gangs on his turf, bloodying the baseball bat...

Sarge was caught short in the locker room changing into his bleachers. Hearing Bullitt's Chippewas coming through the security door, Dehner quickly zipped up the chaps over the Corcorans and bleachers, holding the Langlitz in front of his crotch. Dehner was barechested, and hadn't got the Fred Perry shirt on yet. In the dark entry corridor that passed for a locker-room Bullitt didn't notice Dehner's lack of Cop boots, or the outlaw uniform hidden under the chaps.

"See you at the Cigar Night tomorrow, Sarge" Bullitt barked, already in full Langlitz, fresh off his issue Hog, as the internal security door buzzed him in. This got Dehner thinking.


Sarge Dehner pulled up to Crack Alley where it crosses the City limits, kicked the Harley stand down, and lit a Casablanca. Dehner was on his decommissisoned cop bike and in full dress Langlitz, uniform, Officer Cap, gauntlets and shades. With one exception - leather chaps disguised bleachers darkened round the crotch, and covered his skinhead Grinders. After finishing the half-Jerry, Dehner unsaddled and unfastened the chin-strap on his cop-helmet. He took off the Langlitz armour and unzipped the chaps, revealing his skin-uniform bleachers and 30 hole Grinders. Dehner squeezed the Langlitz into the Hog's panniers, and reached inside to replaced the PR24 with a baseball bat. One final adjustment: swapping cop-issue Aviators with wrap-around Oakleys.

Dehner enjoyed the sound his 30-holers made on the sidewalk as he turned down crack alley, the only signal to his whores that Boss was coming for his money.

From the far end of the alley, Dehner could see two of his hookers picked out in the dark huddled under a street lighting, strutting their stuff. A jock rent-boy, and another, larger musclesub: these two reprobates had been kicked out of so many clubs they now resorted to turning tricks in back alleys downtown for Senators and Preachers...And on the other side where the meth heads who turned tricks to pay for their habit - usually their pimp was their dealer. Dehner wasn't interested in keeping these losers in his stable...

Dehner's stopped to refresh his cigar, and looking back up the alley noticed a large man approach the whores, say some words, flash a knife and then cash exchanged - but no services rendered. "Fuck, that pimp from the docks is muscling in on my patch"...

The pimp turned round at the sound of Dehner's baseball bat tapping against the leather of his Grinders - just too late...

"Fuck off buddy, they ain't sellin to TRASH tonite." The pimp lunged at Dehner with the knife, but Dehner swung the bat knocking the blade out of his hand.

Dehner slowly cupped the weapon it in his gloved fist. "SAY WHAT?".

"Shiiiit....!". The pimp whispered, making a run for it. But Dehner grabbed the fukka by the collar and wacked the low-life in the guts with one, hard blow of the bat. The pimp crumpled in front of the skinhead. Dehner followed through with a kick of one heavy 30 hole grinder to the groin.

"Now YOU gonna pay ME FUKKA".

Dehner threw the pimp up against a wall. "Gonna pay ME to fukk YOU, asshole".

Dehner ripped the perp's jeans down.

"Enjoy the show, boys. See how an ass should be fukked..." Dehner laughed to the two whores, as he unleashed his cock and banged it into the pimp's virgin ass...

The two whores crowded round their BOSS as he humiliated the competition.

"Fuck you man" the pimp screamed as Dehner enjoyed breaking the scum's ring.

"Fuckin YOU now boi" Dehner laughed smashing the pimp against the wall with the brutal ass-stabbing.

When Dehner pulled out the whores knelt to suck the big cops cock and any splashes of jizz off his Grinders. The pimp slumped in front of the Skin cop's boots. As Dehner relit his Casablanca, he thought he saw a form disappear into the shadows....

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