Thursday, September 23, 2010

Officer Freak 01

FREAK was an abomination. A freak of nature. SARGE FLEX had discovered the 16 yr old in a gym in Moscow on a guest posing appearance, and was stunned by the prodigy's mass. Alexei had already acquired a 50 inch chest on a 5'9" frame, and perfectly proportioned, ripped 20 bis and 8 pack. Bulging shoulder caps, jutting lats and flared quads finished his perfect X shape, enhanced by the ripped metabolism of adolescence, with all the mass of muscle maturity - devoid of any as-yet acquired bulking fat.

What emphasised the prodigy's genetic freakishness was his youthful boyish features; flawless thin skin and crystal clear eyes which clashed with the hugely evolved physique that exploded from his 20 inch neck down. This incongruity, turned on-its-head evolutionary contradiction, only emphasised the massiveness of his muscularity and inflated the young Russian's ego. Inevitably, and perhaps rightly so, Aleksei was more than aware of his undeniable genetic superiority, which would never be questioned.

As if to emphasise this unnatural contradiction, Aleksei dressed with exaggerated maturity, emphasising the contrast with his youthful face. Aleksei adopted all the ALPHA trappings of hypermale maturity, gilded by his unbelievable youth: - a full black hunter's beard, brutal flat-top, with an already heavy cigar habit coupled with a choice of biker gear or quasi-military clothing.

But it was his attitude that contrasted most with his baby-faced features. Unlike the bragging, crass posturing of youth, Aleksei was proprietorial, patronising, even avuncular. Aleksei would be unquestionably dominant to everyone he met - older, younger, taller shorter - (rarely bigger).. Aleksei's unshakeable self-confidence came from the sense of entitlement bestowed upon him by his physical superiority, an unquestioned arrogance and unthinking unforced vanity, which had never been, and would probably never would be, questioned.

FLEX was not sure what was the source of Aleksei's genetic legacy - in spite of the factory-grade anabolics the young Russian undoubtedly had access to. Was he an undiscovered myostatin "null", like that kid in Germany or Flex Wheeler, or some inherited genetic experimental legacy from his former Soviet Olympic parents? Or had the fall-out from Chernobyl altered his DNA? Either way, the now 17 year old had continued to grow, and was already boasting a bulging 54 inch chest and 22 inch ripped biceps on a juvenile's 5'10" frame.

The prodigy approached FLEX backstage at the gym and begged him to bring him back with him to the US.

Testing the waters, FLEX put his heavy arm round the young muscleman"s shoulders.

"No, Mr FLEX, I want to fuck YOU, big man!" The young Russian smiled, grabbing his crotch and winking at the older German.

FLEX laughed at the mature young man's opening gambit. FLEX wasn't too surprised, as he had guessed the outcome, seeing a lot of himself in the young giant

"Well, I know where there is plenty of boi pussy for you, big man."

"Da. I want lots of ass. And money. I need fukk boi tonight"

"Ja...!". Laughed FLEX at the Russian's bluntness. "I think I know where you can get both in America".

"You take me there? You take me back to U.S. of A?"

FLEX saw a fellow Officer in the making in this young Russian; he also saw a business opportunity - another member of "TEAM FLEX" his bodybuilding "vanity" company - a trend amongst bodybuilding pros to name groups of upcoming builders after themselves And when the young Russian asked where he could hang out to find "skull" FLEX knew exactly where to take him.

Aleksey's narcissism inevitably had produced a taste for sexual domination, and an unhesitating sexual voracity. He was intrusively sexual, and physically inappropriate with everyone, usually to little resistance.. He assumed, and probably rightly, that anyone was available to him as sexual prey. And sexual activity that centred on inflating his dominance became his preferred taste. Inevitably dominating lessers, particularly weaker men, fulfilled his now accustomed role as the superior. The big young man told FLEX that by 16 he was raping older, sometimes (briefly) reluctant bodybuilders, satisfying his natural and enjoyable path of self-discovery as the ALPHA. He enjoyed dominating married couples, specially when he would rape the husband of the wife who he may have been hired to fuck in the first place.


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