Friday, August 13, 2010

Cigar Night 01


(Audio transcript from Cellblock CCTV)

"Officer ROC'K reporting."

"Sign in Officer. This must be your first Cigar Night. You have full uniform with you? - it is an Official engagement, Officer."

"Yep, Cap and gauntlets here, MUIR."

"Good man. Here's your first year stripes to finish off your uniform."

"Excellent. Bought a new Columbia ready for the stripes. - priority Cellblock order from Langlitz. Beat the cash out of a hitchiker for it last night."

"Pity you didn't film it."

"I did, bud. Set up the camcorder on the seat of the Hog while I raped the fukker in the alley. Wait till ya see the footage on the Officer of The Month Gallery bud!"

"Good work, Cop. Says here your cash-slaves 5031 and 5271 have registered to present tribute at 12.00."

"They will, MUIR, they got no choice. Should be turnin up with ten grand each, or else they're gonna get their legs broke."

"Nice work, Officer. Lookin forward to your first Cigar Night, then?"

"Yup - some good cigars and hole. Wanna try out one of BULLITT'S new fuck stools. AND. I've heard there's a gonna be a great Presentation."

"Let's just say you're ALL gonna have a good time.. First, some house notes.

- Any of the slavehole equipment is available for use by all Officers.

- Cigar slaves will be circulating with a sample of brands. If you favour a particular make, simply ask and a whole box will be brought to you.

- Human ash trays are to be found kneeling at bootlevel, as are slave mouths and tongueshines. If any are found to be higher than waist level, Officers have permission to beat them down - regardless of whose property it is.

- Tribute Presentatio.n is at 12.00 sharp, and Captain's Entertainment follows at 12.30. All clear?"

"Hell yeah."

"Cap on, Officer and go right in to The Mess Room."

"Cheers MUIR - by the way, has ACE arrived yet?"

"I'm just behind you buddy!!"

"Evenin bro! Good to see ya, Big Man."

."See ya got ya stripes ROCK. Bet you lookin forward to ya first Captain's Presentation?."

"Can't wait, man - you comin straight in?"

"After you - the door's open - I've heard all of MUIR's instructions before HE, HE."

"Hell it's dark - and smokin's started already. Didn't know the gym opens up into The Mess. Sweet set-up. Is that BULLITT over there already tryin out one of his fuckstools with WOLF?"

"Looks like they've already got a ringside seat, and a couple of Martinez on the go."

"FUCK!!!! Gotta get me one of THEM fuckstools!!!. Hey, BULLITT, kikkin back there!"

"Howdie ROCK; -ACE. See you lazy fukkers made it finally. Pull up a seat and try one of these new Martinez? Goes well with the stool too, HE HE"

"So I see, you greedy fukk!""

"ACE - call a cigarslave over."

"Pig. PIG, HERE! Two Martinez Bazukas at the double."

"SIR, Yes, SIR."

"Just a minute PIG, not finished with you yet!"

"YES SIR, Sergeant Amberson SIR".

"Two Glenfiddichs - (alright for you ROCK?)."

"Sure, ACE."

"...And two fuckstools here - you want a fuckstool ROCK".

"Wadda YOU think, bro?"


"Fukkin slack slave. Gonna use that for a punchbag later after I've had it demoted to an ashtray.."

"So BULLITT - show us ya fuckstool works then..."

"Got one on my cock NOW buddy!"

"Can see that, wise guy. If ya can stop fukkin for one fukkin a minute, show us how the attachments work."

"NNNNNNnn fukk that's one's tight... Right, s'easy bro. Wheel the unit round ass end sticking up. Use the stool adjustor to tilt it up to your seat height - saddle up, sit back and BAM! enjoy a good long cock massage."

"FUKKIN AWESOME, BULLITT. You strapped all these subs into the units yaself?"

"FUKK NO!!!. Ordered them to get in the units head first with a little pistol persuasion, and the last one standing fastened them all in, and lubed their cunts."

"You're a fukkin animal BULLITT."

"Here come the drinks AT FUKKIN LAST. Hey, where's the 'gars, PIG?!

"SIR, with the humidor slave SERGEANT AMBERSON, SIR."

"FUKKIN WHAT? Get down HERE, PIG, you piece of shit NOW. Tongue these boots, worm."


"ROCK, cuff this fukker's arms behind...Nice one. Right, looks like we got me a new fuckmouth. OPEN UP FAG.. HELL, this one's a squirmer....KEEP STILL, WORM!!!."

"Fuck, ACE, gotta wheel over my own fuckstool now, ya fukkin hardass show-off!

"Quit ya bitchin, man, you wanted to beat the pig as much as me, Cop!"

"Well, hell ye:ah! ACE, You need a mouth stretcher? Got one on my belt if ya like...."

"Pass it over ROCK. Stop this newbie from FUKKIN MOVIN its mouth. Hope it doesn't stop it gaggin though!"

"Right my turn to have some pussy. HEY, PROSECUTOR, kick one of them fuckstools over this way, man. GOOD AIM! This ome must be a virgin hole, fukkin.... nnnn... Tight.. not sure it's gonna take..... Nnnnng all my meat..... Nnnnn ALL in. OH YEAH!!!!! FUKKIN SWEET PUSSY RIDE, BULLITT. You're a genius, man!

"Cheers man."

"Sweet set up - gars, whisky, hole.... Just waitin for the floorshow now."

"So when does Commander arrive?."

"Just in time for his Presentation."

"Can't wait to see what it is this year."

"Last year CAPTAIN SIR fisted Tim Cruz live on stage, the fukkin whore. Always the closets with the slakkest cunts. Funny thing was, Mr Hollywood thought he had ordered a Cop escort. Got a WHOLE HEAP of trouble instead!"


"I nearly broke my fuckmouth skull rammin along with the show!"

"Fukkin sweet.. How's COMMANDER SCHULZ gonna top that?"

"Tributes first, men. My tributes should be here in five.. 20 grand in new bundles, under the boot."

"20? Got thirty comin, BULLITT."

"Fuck off! Bet you 10 they don't turn up ACE!"

"ON. You know I'm gonna rob your ca$h slaves then fukk 'em, buddy."

"HA - in your dreams man!"

"These Martinez are COMMANDER SCHULZ's favourite?"


"Sure taste good."

"And look good!"

".Who' supplies these 'gars?"

"STOGIE" McQuinn - he's a Customs & Excise Officer - gets his hands on a limitless supply of contraband Cubans."

"Anyone interested in usin a punchbag after we fukked this piece of shit? BULLITT, you're always up for usin ya fists....""

"When I"ve finished this Martinez and shot my load - hell ya."

"Kick that ashtray over here bud., got a big flake ready for a pig."

"Try my ashtray bro. Good swallower.. Don't worry if it burns...HEHE."

"Hey - it's 12.00 - here comes the worshippers. Time to cash up, men."

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