Wednesday, August 04, 2010

COMMANDER 'CHIEF' Steve Schulz 02


A massive v-shaped giant appeared lit from above by the satanic red lift light, which glistened on the shining points of gold studding the glittering, faceless leather form looming above the infantry gathered in the testosteroned atmosphere of the basement.

A large glowing cigar stuck out from a bearded jaw, face obscured by a peaked Officer Cap and blue smoke.. Below the darkened face, glistening bronze pecs jutted up from under the metal-like gleam of the leather uniform jacket.....

CHIEF's decal was also in gold, to be passed to him at the ceremony, his Muir's visor brim edged in gold plate, with gold thread oak-leaf COMMANDER decal on the upper edge. His Officer cap badge., lanyard tips, epaulet numbers, lapel decal and breast shield also prepared in the dull glow of gold. So confident in his appointment was he, that he had these prepared months in advance....

What he hadn't told the Command was that his decal was that of a COMMANDER, and that he would give instruction to be addressed as such. Given the spectacular revenues CHIEF had raised he considered it only right and fitting he should be elevated to this higher rank. Like a true Roman Emperor, CHIEF's ambitions knew no bounds...


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