Monday, August 02, 2010

Wolf 03

IT was another Saturday night. WOLF strode round the corner to the Eagle, boots crunching on the gravel. On the sidewalk leathermen lined up next to their bikes: The bar was not yet open. All eyes turned to WOLF as he lit up a Hoyo de Monterey Magnum in the street, to pass the time while he checked out which men and bois he was going to use later. Civilians walked past staring open-mouthed, some drooling, others wondering if there was a secret COP convention going on... WOLF stood proud, enjoying the public attention, cupping his jutting cod with a gauntleted fist, adjusting his low-hangers, arrogance filling with them with cum. Cop boots forced wide apart, he stared back at the public who were secretly worshipping the Cellblock arrogant Leather Officer they were lucky to behold. No-one dared speak to the uniformed Cellblock Officer Regular subs were afraid to approach with the nod of permission from their MASTER. Other leathermen were too shy to admit their lust on a public street. All however knew the Cellblock Officer. Their reputation was a phenomenon.

As WOLF came to the end of his Magnum, the barman appeared at the bar door. Leisurely finishing his cigar, WOLF flicked the butt to his boots, crushing the glowing stub with a heavy grind. Cigar subs, wishing to chew the precious relic, held back from kneeling before the cop, as he exhaled the last mouthful of toxic smoke. Seeing SARGE WOLF, the barman nodded to the Sarge Officer, who strode through the parting leather crowd, and straight into the empty bar. Slowly walking through the dark bar, WOLF sidled up to the counter. "Bud, boi" he grunted, tossing the "free" drinks voucher the owner had given him, as well as the free entry to the bar - "allegedly for wearing tall boots". WOLF knew it was another secret tribute from the bar owner. WOLF took his favourite place at the end of the counter and near the darkroom entry, so he could survey the whole domain, and prey on any material going into the back room - though they always came to HIM anyways.... The bootshine boi, BOOTSHINE nervously approached the Cellblock Officer. "I hope I can may have the honour of cleaning YOUR boots SERGEANT SIR" he whispered, eyes looking down at WOLF's already gleaming Dehners.

"Expect a free shine, laters boi" said WOLF, patting the sub on his assless rubber pants.

"Yes Sarge Sir, thank you SIR!", barked the boi. As WOLF sat back on his stool, a regular sub, LICKER fell to the floor, prostrate, hands behind its back, sucking the barshit off his Dehners. LICKER's express orders were to service WOLF's boots at any time HE was not busy. WOLF surveyed the bar, hardly noticing the sub at work, and nodded to fellow buds coming into the bar.


MASTERBOOT, a German bud, stood by the darkroom barrels.

"'Evening bud - long time."

"Ja. Looking good as always WOLF", said MASTERBOOT as the two leathermen shook gauntlets.

"Pity about the smoking ban Not been at The EAGLE for some time". As the two men talked, another sub wormed its way down to MASTERBOOT's boots. Both uniformed men were now being boot-serviced side by side. WOLF's cock was getting harder and harder. WOLF yanked LICKER's skull up by the collar to his codpiece. Knowing its orders, the sub immediately chewed open the bulging leather package, slipping its tongue under the sides of the already bursting flaps, and unleashed the rampant dripping cock.

The leatherman let the sub do its work, and stood back enjoying the public display of superior rank that this officer deserved. WOLF, with one heavy gauntlet, rammed the subskull onto the top of his pole, and pushed the skull down its full length and into the back of the choking subs neck. Both LEATHEROFFICERS stood side by side, a leathered-arm round each other shoulders, relaxing, kicking back, and nodding at each other as they pumped pre-cum into mouth-pussy.

"Here bud, try this for size" said WOLF, pulling the skull of his meat, and dragging the sub cross the floor to MASTERBOOT's crotch. The leathercop unsheathed his member and in one movement WOLF rammed the subskull onto his fellow leathermaster's hard pole. "Ja, that is gut WOLF" he growled. A cruel smile broke across MASTERBOOT's darkened face as he started to brutally gouge LICKER's head with his muscleweapon.
"Glad to help, bro". WOLF grabbed the other bootlicker and, with HIS cum-lubed meat jutting out in front, "walked" his cock into the waiting, gaping pussymouth. WOLF and MASTERBOOT silently stood enjoying each other’s shared power which bordered on contempt of the lesser being under their boots - power over the other men in the bar, worshipping from afar.

MASTERBOOT bent down to LICKER, growled to the sub: "What do you exist for boi". Knowing its place, LICKER took its mouth of its master's meat, and drawing breath shouted "to service YOU SIR, MASTER, SIR".

MASTERBOOT grinned with self-satisfaction, nodding to his bud WOLF, and without looking and pinned the sub's skull back on his cock, and brutally raped its throat. The sub was grateful it now knew its place on earth....

"Gotta get another beer bud", said WOLF unsheathing his cock from the suction skull in his crotch. "I stay BRO", said MASTERBOOT, who looked as if he was about to shoot the first load of the night.

"Later, man", said WOLF high-fivin' gauntlets with the fellow sadist cop. WOLF walked through the crowd of worshippers, not bothering to get his rock-hard inches back into the tight cod till he got to the bar counter. . As WOLF was pushing his pole with his gauntlet into the tight cup, he saw SCOT, a Scottish bud, in full Langlitz COP uniform, striped breeches, with a crop sticking out of heavy Chippewas.

"'Howdie, bud", said WOLF as the two cops shook gauntlets.

"Not seen ya for a year. Lookin' awesome in the Langlitz breeches."

"Thanks. You too, bro", said SCOT. The two leathermen were identical in full leathered COP uniform and jack boots, faces barely visible below dark, peaked Officer caps. . SCOT and WOLF ignored the sub "R" who was sitting next to SCOT - knowing it to be another online worshipper, who WOLF had ordered NOT to speak to HIM when he was out. Only other superior leathercops were worthy of talking and bragging with.

"Gonna have this one by the barrels in a minute", said SCOT. "Follow me over".

SCOT swaggered through the crowd to the barrels, with R in tow. WOLF, after finishing talking to another bud followed shortly, his dripping cockhead hard again, sticking out of the top of his cod. WOLF followed towards the barrels, where by now SCOT was facefucking "R", kneeling, banging its skull against the wall. SCOT had one boot on R's kneeling legs, as its name warranted, and a gauntlet leaning on the wall over his prey with unsmiling menace.

Looking back at the bar, SCOT saw WOLF striding through the bar. As he took his place next to SCOT, R, who had been waiting in the darkroom for further orders, crawled up to WOLF's boots, and respectfully kneeled before its master. Cock ready, and bloated with arrogance, WOLF grabbed the sub's skull with both gauntlets and rammed his meat straight into the choking sub’s pussymouth. WOLF's hands easily circled the subs scrawny neck, as WOLF took great pleasure in strangling the sub to tighten its hole, giving WOLF more friction and sadistic power. WOLF started to fuck the hole full-throttle, from tip to base with brutal, ramming power. Tripping on his public display of power, WOLF forgot the skull was even there, as if HE was simply jacking with lubed gauntlets. HE didn't even look down at his prey, but at the gathering crowd, and HIS bud beside him.

Both leathermen were now thrusting long, hard blows together, united in unsmiling POWER, ARROGANCE and MALENESS.

BOOT looked casually at his bud, without smiling, barely noticing the growing crowd of desperate worshippers behind. SCOT was calm and relaxed, simply getting on with the job that was his right to do: FUCK SKULL.

WOLF calmly nodded back at his bud, as if merely passing the time, naturally as leathermen. WOLF leaned on the wall behind him, and a heavy leathered arm on SCOT's broad Langlitzed shoulder. WOLF dragged LICKER across the floor with HIM towards his bud. . SCOT turned towards WOLF, as both subs, realising their MASTERS orders, shining both the Cop cocks above them with their tongues.

WOLF nodded to his bud, as both their cocks now rubbed together, ass both subs sucking the whole cock-length. "R", desperate for some attention from WOLF, took WOLF's cock deep in its throat. WOLF felt pre-cum shooting out as he enjoyed the desperation of the sub and his power over it. WOLF took his weapon out and rammed it into LICKER instead, and, leaning on his bud's shoulder, blasted waves of hot jizz out of his rock-hard weapon deep into LICKER'S guts for five long minutes. WOLF grunted with pleasure as the well-trained sub sucked HIS nuts dry of testosterone. At the same time, enjoying the public show of strength and bloated arrogance, SCOT rammed "R" harder, torturing its tits to maximize his own power-crazed pleasure. Finished up, WOLF high-fived SCOT, as he walked out the darkroom, holding still-hard cock in his gauntlet, leaving SCOT to finish his work, as he strangled "R".


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