Sunday, July 11, 2010

Wolf 01

I was glad it was cold and raining for the inaugural Leather Cop Convention. It meant I could stand outside in the Railway Arch in full Langlitz and smoke cigars all night without frying.

Most of the guys I know are cigar smokers, and the usual cigar slaves would come out at one stage or another... And as for sex, well I preferred that during a cigar, and outside, anyways...

I had been chatting with an online bud Master ****, who said he would be at the event, and would be accompanied by his boy and also his slave. He had offered to bring a Cohiba for me to try - I said I would swap him my trademark Casablanca Magnum.

Leathermen in tall boots were ushered to the front of the queue outside in the car-park. Inside there was a long check-in queue but, as I was in full Langlitz leather uniform already, I walked straight through the two large arches and made my way to the back bar.

Some Leatherbuds were in the bar already - FALCON, and CIGAR, who had brought me back some cigars from Smokeout, wearing his new Langlitz Rangers breeches.

"They look good - finish off the jacket."

"Cheers bud."

"Any bootlickers christened 'em yet?" I laughed.

Grabbing a beer, I decided to escaping the heat and noise, I returned back through the now crowded arches, with some admiring musclebois touching my leathers, through the main bar to the outside arch.

The cold wind made no dint in my heavy Langlitz cop jacket, leather uniform shirt, breeches, gauntlets and Muir cap. The Dehners completed the leather insulation from the wind and rain.

I spotted a group of other Langlitz men in a corner, some smoking cigars already; one Top had a bootlicker on his Dehners, precariously next to a large puddle.

There was a higher than usual proportion of security guards, who were continuously going into a tunnel entrance in the far corner, with netting over the entrance., the usual sign of a darkroom. Excellent - I appreciated that they had laid on a backroom for smoker's convenience.

I reached into my Langlitz top pocket and lit up a Casablanca, cupping the match from the wind with my gauntlets - with the usual cigar slaves oggling. I strode over the gravel to the tunnel opening where SKIN was standing guard, picking off his victims..

"Any good material?"

SKIN nodded, wordless, cupping his leathered crotch.

I walked through the netting. Random leathermen were standing near the light, some fukking subs against the walls, others being cockserviced by skintrash. The back of the tunnel was pitch black, with faint glimmers of light on leathered moving forms

I felt a heavy tap on my shoulder.

"No smoking, Sir" a harrassed straight security guard said nervously.

That needn't be a problem; a quiet corner outside would suffice.
This would explain the larger than usual number of bouncers, mostly straight, looking confused at the Cop convention taking place outside. Typical, in these situations, you can have sex in public, but not smoke.

I came out of the dark into the outside arch and noticed a lot of out-of-towners, with Master **** on the far side of the arch who had appeared in the gathering crowd of cigarmen.

W***** suddenly appeared from nowhere, in full Top Langlitz uniform; his partner was standing on the other side, and seeing as I had skullfukked W**** last week, a second round was unlikely. But I gave him a spare Magnum for his troubles, most of which we smoked as we talked.

I saw Master ***** notice me and nod.

"Gotta speak to a bud now" I instructed W*****. Maybe see you later in the darkroom".

Master **** walked over, with his feral muscleboi in tow, who was already checking me out. Master **** was a tall biker cop, in full Langlitz uniform, Muir; gauntlets and Wescos. No sign of the slave.

"Howdie, big guy," I opened, proffering a gauntlet.

"SIR WOLF - good to see yfou in the flesh SIR". **** was the first guy I had heard addressing a fellow top as a Sir. It sounded good. "This is my boi ****". The boi was more than overfriendly and held on to my gauntlet, smiling up at me while his Master continued. "And my slave (no name)". From behind ****'s Langlitzed shoulders a small slave peered round meekly and respectfully bowed its head, and looked up at its Master, then returned back behind its Master's broad leathered back.. Master **** "walked and talked" like his profile. Neither of us were a disappointment.

"Here SIR, try out that Cohiba I promised", **** continued, taking a distinctive yellow checkered tube from one of four sticking out of his Langlitz chest pocket. "Cheers SIR" I replied in the new style, and reached into my Langlitz gun pocket for a cutter and light. "Don't bother with that, **** replied, raising his gauntlet, as the slave came round from behind his MASTER.

"SIR, may I light your cigar, SIR?"

"'Course boi" I replied, patting the little fella on the head. The slave looked at his MASTER who nodded, took the gar from my gauntlet, and proceded to cut it, and handed it back to me, bowing, and then proferred a lit match.

"Nice and strong" I replied rolling the gar in my mouth, inspecting the burning end, bending my head down to the still cupped hands of the slave, till the end had an even glow and had received his dismissal. Finishing with the light I nodded, and resumed talking to **** as the slave, neither waiting nor expecting thanks walked back round to hide behind its MASTER. "Thanks, bud."

Conversation proceded to the leather events Master ***** owned, and some business opportunities that might interest. me - selling the copyright of one on, and I discussed the international cash slave site I was working on with some fellow leathertops. Master **** also offered to nominate me to the board of a Leather brotherhood - which was interesting. Talk eventually led to recent fucks, and our individual tastes.

"The slave is completely owned. One day it thought I was selling him on and was completely broken. But I was only fukking with it - it would have known it was in trouble a LOT earlier!"

We had just finished our cigars, and my cock was getting restless in its cod. "Let's check out the darkroom - see what's on offer?"

I nodded in the direction of the netting as Master **** and his slave followed. Opening my bulging cod, with cock in gauntlet, I checked out some of the subs near the opening, some looked useful for a spit roast with ****.

I noticed Master ***** had stopped just inside the entry, giving his slave some kind of instructions and checking its pockets. Master **** walked up to me, with his gauntlet on the small slave's shoulder and pushed it toward me.

"Here SIR, use it how you like."

"Cheers SIR, that's real neighborly of ya," I replied, expecting Master **** to unholster his cock for a spit-roast.

"Make SIR WOLF happy, slave," Master **** said making his exit.

I nodded to Master **** who winked back at me, grinning. By now my cock was hard, and I looked round to find a good fuck-spot with some space on the stone floor, and good visibility for public display. Moving to just near the entry, we were in view of SKIN's sentry stool. He peered through the netting and grinned.

By now my cock was dripping the first drops of pre-cum. I grabbed the slave by the neck and easily circled my gauntlets round the slave's pencil-neck, crossing my fingers behind. One hand would have been enough.

Strangling the unresisting slave, silently obeying its orders to the letter, I pushed it down to its knees, and forced its mouth open with my dripping cock pushed into its face. At first I enjoyed slowly fukking its throat, strangled it to make it tighter, with long full cock-strokes, tip to base, lips to throat, and enjoyed the slave's gag-reflex which made my cock even harder.

Increasing the thrust-force I upped the brutality, banging its skull against the wall with my cock-thrusts. By now my nuts were bursting with test: "locked and loaded" I fired jizz down into the subs guts.

Because I was emptying a heavy, pent-up load, the sub took time swallowing all the test, as I continued pumping its skull till it drained my nuts dry. I kept my cock in the skull till the roid rage subsided, and when good and ready, unholstered the weapon, allowing the sub to lick the shaft and head clean.

I patted the kneeling sub on the head. "Good work boi."

"SIR thank you, SIR" the sub bowed its head.

I kept my still hard inches out of my breeches, while I reached into my Langlitz for another cigar Spotting a drop of cum or, what the hell, "imagined" I saw a drop of cum on my gleaming Dehners, I pointed a gauntlet at the offending speck. "Clean it boi". Not hesitating to check if there was anything on the toecap, the slave sucked the boot dry, and then shined it up with its shirt sleeve.

"Good work again boi. You SIR has trained you well."

"SIR, thank you SIR," the slave automatically responded, bowing its head again.

I lifted the sub up from its knees by the scruff of the neck, and not bothering to holster my cock, squeezed my way through the crowd of subs who had gathered to worship.

As I emerged through the camo netting, SKIN nodded with approval at my still-rampant cock which I hadn't bothered to holster. The slave followed behind my back, as I approached I crammed my cock back in the cod. Master **** was talking to his boi, who had returned. The boi stared at me, realising he had missed a trick.

"Howdie SIR - I trust it treated ya well?". Master **** smiled through cigar smoke.

"Very nice, bud," I grinned. "Nice gag reflex. I LIKE that. Here, a litttle payment for ya, PIMP" I laughed, reaching into my Langlitz for the last Magnum.

Master **** raised a gauntlet for a match from his pimped slave, and, cigar lit, shook my gauntlet, laughed. "Any time, bud..."


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