Sunday, August 01, 2010

Rogue Leathercop 03


"Captain, I got something I think you might wanna see, said SGT Amberson, throwing a file marked "POLICE-CLASSIFIED" across Captain SIR's oak desk. "Think this might sort out that little fag downstairs."

Reading the notes Amberson had highlighted, Captain looked up. "You mean that rich lawyer you hooded last night is Jerry's brother? And that helps us how?"

"HE is in the closet AND married."

"Hmm, interestin. What you thinkin, some old-fashioned "protection?"

"Even better. I wanna see the look of surprise on its face when we take it's hood off, and that faggot Jerry is butt-fukking his brother. That's what I'm thinkin."

"How's that gonna work. They're both subs."

"Well, FLEX you got a plan, ain't ya, Coach."

"Sure do.", the massive cop grunted in typical bodybuilder growl, deepened by steroid use.

"Got a little money-making venture for the station and for training the newbies that I wanna develop - and that faggot would make a a good guinea-pig."

"Hmm - Money? Tell me more, big man," Captain sat up in his chair at the mention of cash.

"FORCED MUSCLEGAIN. By ANY means. Loads of hard gainers constantly offer me literally thousands of dollars beggin to me to bulk em up. One even said "at gun point - blindfold!". And THAT got me thinkin. Try it out in the back basement - sign a disclaimer and force-feed the fukkas, funnel the protein down their neck, three workouts a day every day for a month. Forced insulin and GH injections, roid stack and synthol."

"And when I heard about Amberson's little discovery, I thought we ALL got a solution. And Jerry's trick money will fund the experiment, of course."

"By the time I've finished with him, the arrogant little fukka will be so jazzed on his new beef, a top conversion will be EASY. Seen it a million times before. Give em a some roids and synthol, and they think they're fukkin Hulk Hogan.

"Mask the fukka up, and set him on that closet GIMP, who'll blow any big muscleguy anyways. Unmask the fukkas and, hey presto, welcome to the family!! They"ll think they're in Alabama!"

"Fukkin hilarious!". Captain roared. "And the CCTV will make a good marketing presentation for you, Coach, and BIG protection money for you Amberson - for the rest of those fukkas lives."


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