Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wolf 02

WOLF left his house later than usual. WOLF had spent the evening in full uniform enjoying a cigar and jakking his meat watching his Cellblock Officer bud B******L fukking a sub on the Cellblock website CCTV relay, to roars of approval from other camming Cellblock Officers.. While WOLF watched his cop partner raping the slave, he used the opportunity to extort some cash tribute from a paying subscriber who was lucky (and rich enough) to watch WOLF jakking his COP COCK. on cam.

WOLF and fellow 'Block partners B******* and MASTERBOOT had suggested the idea of a ca$hworship portal to the Captaincy for Officers and Sarges as a means to raise funds by cash-raping client subscribers and civilian losers paying merely for the chance to give money or even watch Cellblock Officers and Sergeants glorying in their dominance over them on cam.. The highest paying subscribers could even pay for CCTV access to the cells and fukkrooms watching the Sarges at work interrogating or disciplining other paying subs or vics. The Officers themselves had free remote access to the CCTV which they could enjoy at home when not at the Cells themselves.

As B******* was flogging the skinhead slave, an Italian ca$h subscriber sent a message to WOLF Among its hundreds of supplications over the last few months, this one stood out:

"SARGE WOLF SIR, as tribute I have sent a Greek sub I know to present himself for your use at the Eagle tonight if you are going to be there SARGE SIR!!"

WOLF didn't reply, 'cos HE didn't have to. And certainly never needed to count on these offers. There was always plenty of pussy on tap at the Eagle - sometimes before he he even got in the bar.. Dates, names and promises - these don't register with him.

WOLF checked himself out before logging off - A sub would clean off the jizz on his Dehners and breeches later......

At the EAGLE WOLF wanted to check if the fire escape into the deserted bar next door was still open. As he strode through the barrels in the darkroom, a chink of light shone from the back wall. Ignoring the smoking ban, WOLF didn't bother waiting to light up his Magnum, and shouldered his way through the narrow fire escape door. The deserted bar, with dusty mirrors and benchseats, looked just as useful as last week, with a silent group of subs and bootlickers huddling in the dark corners. WOLF would attack them later, interested for now in exploring the other parts of the warehouse for a good place to use as a fuck rack. The leathercop spotted a door behind the empty counter.. Maybe a back-office with desk and highback leather chair? Suitable for WOLF to interview candidates....

The door led to staff toilets, with the usual piss sub loitering around. WOLF hardly noticed the inferior, instead checking HIS uniform in the row of mirrors he had spotted. Dangerously, the sub approached, and, to its misfortune, stood between WOLF and the mirror. With one heavily gauntleted fist, WOLF slammed the vic hard against the mirror, putting the fag in an armlock, and kicking its legs apart with his Dehners. As he suffocated the fag with the other gauntlet round its mouth, WOLF's hard cockbeef instantly filled the straining codpiece ramming the punk's ass..

WOLF's mass loomed above the struggling vic in the mirror, faceless under the Muircap, lit up only by the glow of the huge cigar reflected in his steel-tipped brim. WOLF cracked a smile through blue cigar smoke, as he enjoyed observing his powerful brutality. Nodding with self-satisfaction, WOLF shoved the sub down to his now open codpiece. With one single thrust WOLF shot his load into the back of sub's skull ramming his weapon in the skull with the full force of his breech-straining quads.

WOLF roughly unsheathed from the cock skull, pleased to have broken ground in the first two minutes, and not denying himself an early splooge.. WOLF left the cum-sodden sub on the floor and, not bothering to replace the cod., strode out to explore the rest of the warehouse, dripping cock jutting out of his breeches.

WOLF saw a staircase to the right, different to the one where he skull-fukked "W" last week. As his Dehners clunked heavily on the stairs creaking under his weight, a short, uniformed sub stood on a landing. As WOLF passed he briefly inspected the sub's ass with a pat of the gauntlet, as if at a slave market, and moved on. The sub, LAD, took the message and followed in WOLF's shadow right down the stairs which opened onto a large dark bathroom, where a Cellblock bud of WOLF's, Officer WHIP was already at work hooding a muscle sub pinned down under one Dehner boot. WOLF shook gauntlets with the fellow Officer, both indistiguishable in the dark under massive Langlitz uniforms, MUIR caps and CMP gauntlets.

WOLF stood opposite his officer bud, cock in gauntlet, slowly jakking in appreciation of the other's work. WOLF released his inches from their gauntlet-holster in order to fire up another Magnum At this signal, LAD, who had followed WOLF at a respectful distance, crept up to the Leathercop Officer, and showed his true purpose in life as a cigar slave, and assumed the position: worshipper under COP BOOT.

WOLF looked down on the lad as, moaning, it took WOLF's full member looking up at the cigarmaster above it, like a god. Both Leathercop Officers nodded in congratulation at each other as they skull fukked their slaves, in front a growing audience of admirers. It wasn't long before both cops shot their loads in approval of the other's arrogance.

Like the true predator he is, WOLF unsheathed again, moving on in search of fresh vics, leaving WHIP beating his hooded slave with a paddle.

WOLF's broad uniformed shoulders parted the crowd as he decided to return next door to the leatherbar for a beer and some bar porn. Stopping on the way to in the smoking yard, WOLF unhurriedly squeezed the cod back over his briefly soft cock, as he finished the cigar.

WOLF ordered a cold one at the main bar, and took up his favourite seat in the brightest part of the bar, to enjoy the admiration of bootslaves. Suddenly the double doors were. opened by the bar owner leading a young muscular sub, butt-naked except for a leather jock, into the dark bar, and pointed it in WOLF's direction. Despite HIS massive arrogace, even WOLF was surprised for a brief moment when the sub walked straight towards him and kneeled down in front of HIS Dehners. WOLF basked in the shock and awe tangible in the air., keeping the naked slave's kneeling head bowed before him, shivering while he enjoyed his beer. After a good while, WOLF pushed the slave's head onto the leather of his breeches and then allowed it to suck the cod, which was bursting again with bloated cop cock.

"Stand up boi" ordered WOLF.

"Tank you sirrr" the slave replied in broken English. This would be the Greek slave, then. WOLF patted the sub's arse directing it towards the low wall that separated the darkroom and bar. WOLF pointed down with his gauntlet down to his boots for the sub to assume the position. The novice sub dropped quickly to its knees, and nervously looked up, hardly daring to make eye-contact. WOLF opened his cod, revealing hard veined cock which the sub, given licence, greedily licked from tip to base. With both gauntlets, like a collar round the slave's neck, WOLF pushed the subs skull against the half wall, and pushed his entire weapon into this new cock holster, straddling the Greek below booted cop breeches. The slave was positioned where WOLF wanted, as a cock holster, like another attachment on his cop belt.

WOLF had put his beer on the low wall now hiding the sub, giving clear view for WOLF to survey the impact of his display of power, and to brag with passing buds.

"A" stopped on his way out to the smoking yard. "Doing well WOLF?, he asked reaching a uniformed arm over the wall to shake WOLF's gauntlet.

"Doing fine here" WOLF replied, re-adjusting his weapon in the skull below. "A" looked down over the wall. "NICE ONE bud", he smiled.

"Cheers bud. Some Greek sub pimped to me on The Cell site as a tribute. Good mouth. But not as good as your boi's, bro*! !Try it out.".

WOLF unsheathed from the skull, sliding his cock out of the gagging slave skull impaled on his cock, and clamped it against the wall so "A" could aim his already rigid tool into the obedient pussymouth.. Gripping the the low wall with gloved fists, the other Officer nailed the skull against the brickwork with such force that the "A" leaned back on his heels lifting up the subskull with his cock..

"Whoa, big fella, ya scarin me. Ya gonna make me shoot my load here buddy" laughed WOLF.

"Nearly shot MY load, mate. Real nice throat.". "A" lowered the skull gagging on his cock and dismounted, shaking WOLFs gauntlet. "Sweet ride, cop."

"Glad to return the favour from last week, buddy", WOLF replied, back-slapping his fellow Cellblock Officer, not even looking down as he holstered his weapon back in the waiting pussymouth. "Got some novice training to do here".

"A" took a magnum out of the cop shirt pocket. "It's thinnin out in here - Gonna have a last smoke, and see if that skinhead in chaps still whorin in the smokin yard. Wanna breed that fukka."

"Keep me posted on that one, bud - if ya wanna spit roast."

By now the main bar was empty. WOLF indicated for the sub to stand before HIM. WOLF inspected its hard muscle, twisting its nips hard to moans from the pain pig. With one gauntlet holding one shoulder, WOLF reached round to the bare ass, grasping the bronzed rump as if inspecting a piece of livestock.

WOLF sized up the slave's weight. 180 maybe - less than WOLFs 220. Holding the slave by one wrist, WOLF grabbed its ass and threw it over his broad Langlitzed shoulder.

WOLF carried the sub into the main brightly-lit bar, and stood in front of the mirror, shrugging the slave's weight on his shoulder so he could see its arse better. The barman stared, incredulous at the Leathercop's grinning arrogance. WOLF then dropped the sub on its feet, ripped off its jock and pushed it face down in the middle of the bar floor. WOLF opened his cod, unleashing his rock-hard weapon, and lay his 220 pounds of muscle, and 40 pounds of COP LEATHER on top of the prone sub, pumping the sub's arse and jizzing over the sub's muscle butt....

WOLF later took a cab to the sub's hotel, forcing its skull on his cock on the back seat, to the envy of the cabbie, a regular fag driver hired by the EAGLE who WOLF had let blow him instead of paying the fare after last week's fuckfest at the EAGLE...

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