Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cigar Pimp

I had a message from a new Cellblock member one night - "E".

"SARGE WOLF, great bio and pics you have on the site - me and my boy will be at the Eagle - be good to team up and share a cigar and some beers."

Looking at his bio, it seemed we had a lot of common interests: - cigars, uniform, and using subs in public. It also said they like to play out together.

Sounded promising - it's always good teaming up with another Cellblock Officer. Just hope he meant "teaming up" as in spit-roasting his sub. From the pix, E"s muscleboi sure looked useful.

I thought it was worth a punt.

"Evenin E. You and your boi look great - sure we have a lot in common. I'll be @ the Eagle Friday - catch me on cam later tonight. WOLF."

Logging on later I saw "E" logged on the Cellblock members site and had already messaged me back.

"!Bud, be great to see you Friday. Sure - hit me up - if ya round tonight.

I sent a webcam invite through the site's private forum.

"Big man, I'm enjoying a cigar in leather on cam if ya wanna join me.. WOLF".

"El"s cam appeared. Clicking on it, I saw, like me, "E" in Cellblock leather uniform shirt and Muir cap, smoking a good cigar, hairy pecs visible under the collar. A good start..

I raised a the cigar to the cam. "We think alike bud!"

"Sure do - what cigars you bringing tomorrow?"

"Hoyo de Monterey. I'll bring you a couple."

"Cheers bud - that's good of ya. Hope there's good pickings at the Eagle tomorrow night"

"Looks like you jacking your meat there buddy - can see ya arm movin"

"You found me out LOL. Watching a bud's porn in the gallery. Check it out."

I sent the link of a uniformed cop bud fukking a sub at the Cellblock

"See why you're hard bro - fukkin nice". "E"'s gauntlet reached down out of view and started moving too.

"Glad ya enjoyin it there too!"

"Sure. See we like the same stuff. Well be good to see ya tomorrow mate. By the way, the boi thinks you're great".

"Tell him he looks very useful". I thought I would chance it.

"Well see if I we can keep the feral dog on the leash LOL".

"Nice one. - see you about 11.30".

Next night I got there a bit late. The bar was full, and had to squeeze the Langlitz through the crowd of famiiar Leathercops, some Cellblock members.

Standing at the bar in the light so as to recognised, I lit a Magnum. I felt a pat on the back of the Langlitz.


"E"? Evenin!" "E" was wearing off-duty leather with Cellblock decal removed.

We shook gauntlets. "Bill - and this is my boi "A"

"A" was lean and well built in leather jock and harness.

"Nice.". I thought I'd chance it., and turned round to have a look at his arse. "And nice ass" I said, patting it with a gauntlet.

"Certainly is", laughed "E".

"You look hot in your uniform SIR"

"You look good out of clothes boi". "A" smiled and grabbed my codpiece.

"E" laughed again. "We spotted you by the cigar.

"Here, have a Magnum bud.". I took one out of my Langlitz breast pocket.

"Cheers". "E" started to light it, as "A" suddenly dropped between our breeches, and, nestled between "E"s boots, started chewing my codpiece.

"You don't mind....?, I said, nodding downwards, as I reached to undo the cod. Busy lighting the gar, without even looking Bill mumbled, "'Course bud", and continued inspecting the cigar and rolling it in his mouth.

I snapped open the cod, and in one gulp "A" took my semi - already dripping precum, and expertly stiffened my inches with his tongue under the shaft, instantly filling up his mouth.

"He's good". Bill nodded, grinning, patting "A"'s head. As if on cue, the sub slid my inches right down the back of his throat without gagging. I blinked with surprise as I my cock stumbled further down inside the sub's skull.

"REALLY good!" I laughed.

"E" winked, knowing exactly what I meant. I took this endorsement as a signal to carry on. Grabbing the sub's blond head with both gauntlets, I slowly pumped, luxuriating in the sensation of the warm tight throatpussy.

My balls were quickly bursting with jizz. But not wanting to shoot without a bud's permission, I pulled out and rammed the skull on "E"s already waiting cock. Sliding in to where I had just been seeding, Bill put his arm round my shoulder as we both took turns skulling his boi, while we enjoyed our cigars.

"You can breed him if you want", Bill mumbled, between puffs, "we're safe"

"That's REAL interestin".

Bill then dismounted. "You want another Bud?". Squeezing his shoulders through the crowded bar which had been enjoying the display, Bill left his boi with my cock in his mouth. "A" came up for air. Reaching inside my open Langlitz, he pulled open my cop shirt and started chewing my pecs.

"!BOSS, do you want to fuck me. I really want you inside me BOSS".

""'Long as your BOSS joins in boi" I warned. "A" dropped back down to his knees and continued blowing my inches. Bill came back holding three beers and, cigar rammed in the corner of his mouth, nodded towards the barrels; "More room over there".

"A" sprung up and, followed behind me into the middle of the fuck area. Bill put the drinks on one barrel. Unzipping his breeches, Bill held "A" by his harness and pushed his head over another barrel and rammed his readied cock up the subs arse, nodding at me to fill the other hole.

For what what turned out to be two hours, we spit-roast the moaning sub, with other subs mauling our pecs and boots... Bill fucked the boi's arse harder and harder as the night went on.

"You wanna fuck him?" Bill asked,

"Thanks mate but I'm gonna - FFFFFUUUUUUKKKKK!!

I shot the load that had been boiling in my nuts right in the sub guts. Bill followed shouting as he pumped his DNA in the sub's cunt.

Unlocking my cock., the sub dropped to his knees, saying - "I stll want you to fuck me.", before licking my raw shaft clean.

"Next time boi" I grinned, shaking gauntlets with his BOSS...


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